AuthSMTP Review

authsmtp review

AuthSMTP Review

AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service suitable for sending emails from a wide range of software, services, devices, and applications. It’s designed to enhance the deliverability of communications through email applications, email marketing services, or e-commerce websites. With over ten years of experience, AuthSMTP provides reliable and excellent email deliverability, even for high-volume users. It continuously monitors its service reputation to prevent blacklisting, rejection, or filtering of emails.

Key Features and Benefits

  • AuthSMTP offers easy setup and usability, allowing users to start sending emails within minutes of signing up.
  • It provides highly responsive customer support through web or mail, backed by a rich knowledge base with troubleshooting guides, setup guides, common error resolution articles, and extensive FAQs.
  • Flexible pricing: Accounts start from as low as $32 per year for up to 1000 messages per month, based on an average message size of 100KB. Users can instantly upgrade their account via the Control Panel.
  • The service is noted for its high availability and is suitable for use from almost all internet connections, including mobile and public Wifi.


  • It lacks some significant features that might be available in other similar services.
  • Dedicated IP addresses are only included in more expensive plans.
  • There is a bandwidth cap on mailings, which may affect users with very high email volumes.

Overall Rating

  • Usability: 8/10
  • Speed: 8.5/10
  • Features: 7/10
  • Support: 8/10
  • Pricing: 8/10

Conclusion: Despite being less known, AuthSMTP offers a secure, reliable, and available service. It is particularly beneficial for users looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use email delivery solution with responsive customer support. However, potential users should consider the limitations, such as the lack of some features and bandwidth caps, before making a decision

AuthSMTP Pricing

Account TypeEmails Per MonthData Per MonthDedicated IP AddressEmail ‘From’ AddressesPrice Per Year
AuthSMTP 22000600MBNo20$61
AuthSMTP 440001.20GBNo40$94
AuthSMTP 660001.80GBNo60$127
AuthSMTP 880002.40GBNo80$160
AuthSMTP 10100003.00GBNo100$193
AuthSMTP 15150004.50GBNo150$275
AuthSMTP 20200006.00GBNo200$330
AuthSMTP 505000015.00GBYes500$385
AuthSMTP 10010000030.00GBYes600$715
AuthSMTP 15015000045.00GBYes600$990
AuthSMTP 20020000060.00GBYes600$1,210
AuthSMTP 25025000075.00GBYes600$1,430
AuthSMTP 30030000090.00GBYes600$1,650
AuthSMTP 350350000105.00GBYes600$1,870
AuthSMTP 400400000120.00GBYes600$2,090
AuthSMTP 450450000135.00GBYes600$2,310
AuthSMTP 500500000150.00GBYes600$2,530
AuthSMTP 600600000180.00GBYes600$2,904
AuthSMTP 700700000210.00GBYes600$3,278
AuthSMTP 800800000240.00GBYes600$3,652
AuthSMTP 900900000270.00GBYes600$4,026
AuthSMTP 10001 million300.00GBYes600$4,400
AuthSMTP 11001.1 million330.00GBYes600$4,840
AuthSMTP 12001.2 million360.00GBYes600$5,280
AuthSMTP 13001.3 million390.00GBYes600$5,720
AuthSMTP 14001.4 million420.00GBYes600$6,160
AuthSMTP 15001.5 million450.00GBYes600$6,600
AuthSMTP 16001.6 million480.00GBYes600$7,040
AuthSMTP 17001.7 million510.00GBYes600$7,480
AuthSMTP 18001.8 million540.00GBYes600$7,920
AuthSMTP 19001.9 million570.00GBYes600$8,360
AuthSMTP 20002 million600.00GBYes600$8,800

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