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Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

Nick’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

SMTP2GO is an email delivery service that is scalable, reliable, and versatile. It offers various features such as bounce tracking, open tracking, SSL tracking links, reporting, worldwide servers, dedicated IPs, email testing, SPF, personalized DKIM, API, webhooks, Slack integration, unsubscribe automation, WordPress plugin, and archiving. The service also provides 24/7 support through toll-free phone support, ticket support, and live chat. SMTP2GO offers a free plan and a money-back guarantee.

The text also compares SMTP2GO with other SMTP services such as SendGrid, Turbo SMTP, AuthSMTP,, SparkPost, Elastic Email, Mailgun, Mailchimp Transactional Email, and Postmark. Each service is evaluated based on factors such as server locations, spam testing, email testing, A/B testing, spam score testing, and the duration of service.

SMTP2GO is available in the US, EU, Australia/NZ, and Singapore, and offers spam test and screenshot tests for up to 5 years. SendGrid is available only in the US, while Turbo SMTP is available in the US and the EU. AuthSMTP operates in the UK and does not offer email testing. operates in Canada and also does not offer email testing. SparkPost is available in the US and EU and offers A/B testing via API. Elastic Email operates in the US and EU. Mailgun operates in AWS, EU, and US East & West. Mailchimp Transactional Email is available in the US and does not offer spam filter testing. Postmark operates in the US and offers spam score testing.

SMTP2GO offers a free trial that users can try for as long as they like, with paid plans available for over 1,000 emails per month. The service is GDPR compliant and is certified by TrustedSite and the Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group.

In addition to the SMTP2GO service, the website also offers a product tour, pricing details, FAQs, and a comparison tool to help users make an informed decision. The community section of the website includes a blog, customer success stories, help and support resources, setup guides, and a contact page. The company section provides information about the company, privacy and terms policies, reseller and affiliate programs, career opportunities, and status updates.

SMTP2GO has received positive ratings on platforms such as Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. The company is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Tina’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

SMTP and AuthSMTP are two email delivery services that cater to different needs. SMTP provides scalable and affordable email infrastructure for all sending needs, while AuthSMTP is the outgoing SMTP email service specifically designed for e-commerce websites, mailing lists, or email applications.

SMTP offers several alternatives such as turboSMTP, Mandrill, Mailgun, SendGrid, Postmark, MailChimp, and WP Mail SMTP. These alternatives provide similar services and features such as reliable email delivery, powerful APIs, and robust reporting.

AuthSMTP, on the other hand, is compared to turboSMTP, SMTP2GO, WP Mail SMTP, Postmark, Jira Service Management, Google Workspace, and Mandrill. AuthSMTP offers multiple SMTP ports to ensure inbox delivery, making it a suitable choice for users who may be blocked by ISPs for using the default SMTP Port 25.

When it comes to user reviews, there are currently no reviews available for SMTP, while AuthSMTP has received positive feedback for providing multiple SMTP ports for better deliverability.

In terms of social recommendations and mentions, SMTP seems to be more popular, with more mentions on public social media platforms and blogs since March 2021. Users have mentioned SMTP as a reliable SMTP provider without sending/hourly limitations, an alternative for cold email software, and a solution for delivering a large volume of emails per day.

AuthSMTP, on the other hand, has not generated as much buzz or user mentions since March 2021.

Both SMTP and AuthSMTP fall under the categories of Email Marketing, Email Delivery, and Development. SMTP has a higher popularity rate in Email Marketing and Email Marketing Platforms, while AuthSMTP has high popularity in Development.

In terms of alternatives, users can also consider turboSMTP, Mandrill, SMTP2GO, Mailgun, and WP Mail SMTP as alternatives to both SMTP and AuthSMTP. These alternatives offer similar services and features for email delivery and infrastructure.

Overall, SMTP and AuthSMTP are two reliable options for email delivery, each specializing in different areas. SMTP provides scalable and affordable infrastructure for all sending needs, while AuthSMTP caters specifically to e-commerce websites, mailing lists, and email applications. Users can choose the service that best fits their requirements to ensure reliable email delivery.

Steve’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

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Rick’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service that is used by e-commerce websites, mailing lists, and email applications. It focuses on providing reliable email deliverability and ensuring that emails are successfully sent to recipients.

In terms of market share, AuthSMTP holds only 0.05% of the market in email deliverability. It is ranked at number 25 among its competitors in this category. The top three competitors of AuthSMTP in email deliverability are SocketLabs with a market share of 39.34%, Litmus with 15.13%, and MasterBase with 11.61% market share.

AuthSMTP has a small employee range, with 0-9 employees. However, despite its relatively small size, it has managed to attract customers from various industries. The top industries that use AuthSMTP for email deliverability are Transformation Digitale, Web Design, and Social Marketing.

Some of the customers who use AuthSMTP include Coupa Software, Intent, My1Login, INTENT Media Inc., and Web Email Extractor. These customers are spread across different regions, with the majority being located in the United States. Other countries that use AuthSMTP include the United Kingdom, Canada, and India.

To further understand AuthSMTP’s competition and alternatives, its top competitors in the email deliverability category are SocketLabs, Litmus, and MasterBase. These competitors have a larger market share compared to AuthSMTP. By comparing the features and offerings of these competitors, users can make an informed decision about which service best suits their needs.

In terms of company size, the majority of AuthSMTP’s customers fall into the category of 0-9 employees. However, there are also customers in the larger company size ranges of 100-249 employees and 1,000-4,999 employees.

With regards to geography, the United States has the highest number of AuthSMTP customers, followed by India and the United Kingdom. These countries account for 40%, 20%, and 20% of AuthSMTP customers, respectively.

AuthSMTP also offers a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on its website to provide answers to common user queries. Some of the questions addressed include the top AuthSMTP competitors, the customer distribution based on company size, AuthSMTP’s market share in email deliverability, the top countries using AuthSMTP, and the top industries that use AuthSMTP.

Overall, AuthSMTP is a reliable email deliverability service that caters to the needs of e-commerce websites, mailing lists, and email applications. While it may not have a large market share compared to its competitors, it has managed to attract customers from various industries and regions. Users can explore its features and compare it to other alternatives to determine if AuthSMTP is the right fit for their email deliverability needs.

Beth’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is the standard protocol used for email transmission on the internet. When it comes to choosing an SMTP service for your business, there are several options available, including Authsmtp and SMTP2GO. In this article, we will compare Authsmtp and SMTP2GO to help you make an informed decision.

Authsmtp is an outgoing SMTP email service that allows you to send email from any program, application, or device that can connect to an SMTP server and authenticate with a username and password. It is commonly used by e-commerce websites, mailing lists, and email applications. With Authsmtp, you can ensure that your emails are delivered successfully and securely.

SMTP2GO, on the other hand, is another popular SMTP service that offers reliable email delivery. It provides a cloud-based SMTP server that can be used to send transactional and marketing emails. SMTP2GO focuses on ensuring high deliverability rates and offers features like spam filtering, email tracking, and bounce handling.

Both Authsmtp and SMTP2GO offer similar features and functionalities. They both provide outgoing SMTP servers that allow you to send emails securely and efficiently. Both services support authentication, which helps prevent unauthorized access to your SMTP server.

One key difference between Authsmtp and SMTP2GO is their pricing model. Authsmtp offers a subscription-based pricing model, where you pay a monthly or yearly fee based on the number of emails you send. SMTP2GO, on the other hand, offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, where you only pay for the number of emails you send. This can be a more cost-effective option for businesses that send a high volume of emails.

In terms of deliverability, both Authsmtp and SMTP2GO have a good reputation for ensuring high email deliverability rates. They have implemented various measures to prevent spam and improve email deliverability, such as domain authentication and IP reputation monitoring.

When it comes to customer support, both Authsmtp and SMTP2GO offer responsive customer support teams that are available to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. They provide documentation, tutorials, and FAQs to help you get started and troubleshoot any problems you encounter.

In conclusion, both Authsmtp and SMTP2GO are reliable SMTP services that offer secure and efficient email delivery. They have similar features and functionalities, but the main difference lies in their pricing models. Authsmtp follows a subscription-based pricing model, while SMTP2GO offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing between Authsmtp and SMTP2GO.

Jim’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Smtp2Go

Using an E-mail Service Like AuthSMTP,, and TurboSMTP with MultiMailer

If you use SamLogic MultiMailer, a desktop newsletter delivery application, you need to use an e-mail server on the Internet to deliver e-mails. Built-in e-mail servers have a low delivery rate due to suspicion from anti-spam filters. Internet service providers (ISPs) often have e-mail servers that can be used for sending e-mails, but some of them have restrictions on the number of e-mails that can be delivered per hour or per day. This makes it difficult to send large volumes of e-mails.

An alternative to ISPs’ e-mail servers is an e-mail service or relay service. These services have no built-in restrictions for the number of e-mails to deliver and are fast in terms of communication between the client computer and the e-mail server.

AuthSMTP,, and TurboSMTP are e-mail services that are fully compatible with SamLogic MultiMailer. They have a fast delivery rate, handle e-mail bounces and log errors, and have advanced tracking systems. These servers are recognized by anti-spam filters and have a good reputation. AuthSMTP and can provide a static IP address for those sending large volumes of e-mails, which improves delivery rates.

Pricing for these e-mail services is typically based on the amount of e-mails you need to send per month. AuthSMTP,, and TurboSMTP offer competitive pricing models.

Using an e-mail service with SamLogic MultiMailer is easy. You choose the e-mail service you want to use, enter your username and password, and start sending newsletters immediately. If you want to use another e-mail service not listed in the article, you can specify the SMTP server, port number, username, and password. SamLogic MultiMailer automatically configures the SMTP servers and port numbers for AuthSMTP,, and TurboSMTP.

In terms of technical information, the SMTP servers and port numbers used by SamLogic MultiMailer for AuthSMTP,, and TurboSMTP are (port 2525), (port 2525), and (port 2525), respectively.

To stay updated with articles and tips about SMTP servers and related topics, you can follow SamLogic Software on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to their newsletter, and read their blog.

In conclusion, using an e-mail service like AuthSMTP,, or TurboSMTP with SamLogic MultiMailer is a reliable and efficient way to send newsletters and other e-mails. These services offer fast delivery rates, handle errors and bounces, and have advanced tracking systems. The pricing is competitive, and the technical integration with MultiMailer is seamless.

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