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Authsmtp Vs Sendpost

Nick’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Sendpost

AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service that allows you to send emails from your e-commerce website, mailing list, or email application. It is compatible with most current computers and mobile devices. The service offers instant setup, a money-back guarantee, and low-cost starter accounts.

One of the key features of AuthSMTP is its availability and reliability. The network is designed to be extremely reliable and capable of processing a high volume of mail. It is monitored 24/7 and self-repairing to provide high levels of availability. The network spans multiple interconnected, geographically diverse data centers with high-speed connections and multiple routes to minimize the impact of outages. AuthSMTP also uses planet-friendly hardware that is reliable and power-efficient.

Deliverability is another important aspect of email sending, and AuthSMTP takes care of the difficult parts to ensure your emails are delivered. The service has built a reputation over 15 years by helping thousands of customers with their email delivery. It operates a strict anti-spam policy, monitors mail traffic to detect abuse, and scans messages for viruses. AuthSMTP also provides expert advice on deliverability issues and helps detect and resolve them quickly.

Flexibility is one of the strengths of AuthSMTP. The service offers a range of accounts to cater to different requirements. From low-cost starter accounts for personal use to packages for high volume senders, AuthSMTP can accommodate various usage patterns. Users have the flexibility to increase their usage as their business grows, with no unexpected bills or automatic payments.

Security is a top priority for AuthSMTP. The service provides SSL secure SMTP authentication, SSL encryption to its network, strict sender address/domain validation policies, and support for SPF and DKIM to prevent email spoofing. AuthSMTP operates industry-standard network monitoring and scanning software to detect and block threats. The service is also fully PCI compliant and undergoes regular network scans for added security.

AuthSMTP offers professional and responsive customer support. The website provides setup guides, troubleshooting guides, common error resolution articles, and an extensive knowledge base. The online control panel allows users to manage their accounts, view account status, check for errors, and raise support requests. The support team is prompt and helpful in addressing any issues.

The service is easy to set up, with instant account generation upon signing up. SMTP server details are emailed to users, and they can start sending emails within minutes after configuring their email program, application, or device.

With a full feature list that includes authenticated SMTP server, money-back guarantee, instant setup, multiple ‘From’ addresses and domains, optional SSL/TLS support, virus scanning, email duplication/backup, multiple concurrent connections, and more, AuthSMTP provides a comprehensive solution for all your email sending needs.

Pricing for AuthSMTP starts at a low cost per year, and the service offers a full money-back guarantee. The pricing plans are designed to accommodate different levels of usage, allowing users to choose the right plan for their needs.

In conclusion, AuthSMTP is a reliable and flexible SMTP email service that prioritizes availability, deliverability, security, and customer support. With its range of features and competitive pricing, AuthSMTP offers a valuable solution for anyone in need of reliable email sending capabilities.

Tina’s Review of Authsmtp Vs Sendpost

AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service that solves common problems with sending email. It works on most computers and devices and can be used for e-commerce websites, mailing lists, and email programs. The service offers instant setup, a money-back guarantee, and low-cost starter accounts. With AuthSMTP, users can send email without facing issues such as relaying denied errors or blacklisting. The service provides features such as service status updates, help and support resources, setup guides, a knowledge base, and troubleshooting assistance. AuthSMTP also offers a control panel for managing accounts and settings. The service is GDPR compliant and has terms of service, an acceptable usage policy, a spam reporting system, a privacy policy, and a disclaimer. AuthSMTP is secured by PayPal and offers various pricing options. The company has been in operation since 2003 and is owned by GetOnline, which provides web hosting and design services.

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