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Powermta Vs Postmastery

Nick’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

Postmastery offers PowerMTA, an email delivery software, for professional senders. PowerMTA is ideal for mission-critical sender operations as it provides high performance on commodity servers and allows for parallel delivery of multiple mail streams over many IPs from a single server. It also allows users to define and manage settings at various levels, enabling them to comply with mailbox provider guidelines.

PowerMTA offers meaningful transaction data for each message that leaves the server, allowing users to understand why emails bounce and the response behind each recipient. It also offers automatic backoff and IP warm-up and can integrate with reporting tools.

Postmastery is a trusted PowerMTA consultant with a team of engineers experienced in working with PowerMTA. They offer deployment, migration, assessment, and management services for PowerMTA. They proactively manage all aspects of the MTA to ensure emails are hitting the inbox.

PowerMTA is suitable for email service providers, large brands, and marketing agencies. It allows users to send more emails with a single server, optimize sending at all levels, get more data to analyze and fix sending, and keep reputation safe according to the latest standards.

Postmastery is a MessageBird PowerMTA professional service partner and global reseller. They can assess a company’s business and suggest a setup that matches their sending volume and email marketing needs.

In addition to PowerMTA, Postmastery offers a range of email analytics and delivery products, including Postmastery Console, Delivery Analytics, Reputation Monitor, Email Auditor, DMARC Reports, and Email Audit. They also provide email platform services such as MTA assessment, managed PowerMTA, and PowerMTA set-up. Deliverability services offered by Postmastery include deliverability assessment, deliverability management, and DMARC implementation.

Postmastery has a team of experts passionate about email and a partner network that includes organizations like M3AAWG, SDCD, and Signal spam.

Overall, Postmastery provides PowerMTA users with greater deliverability control and offers a range of services and products to optimize email delivery and improve sender reputation. With their expertise and experience, they are a trusted partner for PowerMTA users.

Tina’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

In a recent case study, Postmastery was able to help MailPoet, a company that provides email services for WordPress website owners, improve their email deliverability. MailPoet approached Postmastery with the request for managed deliverability services and tools. They wanted to select a state-of-the-art Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), monitor and maintain the MTA on a day-to-day basis, and have real-time insight into email delivery performance.
Postmastery conducted a detailed analysis and selected, installed, and configured PowerMTA as the MTA. By implementing Postmastery’s Managed Deliverability service, MailPoet was able to monitor 100% of their outbound volume in real-time. Postmastery consultants provided proactive email delivery support and PowerMTA maintenance, as well as assistance in building and protecting IP and domain reputation.
Since working with Postmastery, MailPoet has achieved a global delivery rate of 99.5% and has found several advantages to using their services. These include cost efficiency and reliability of their email delivery infrastructure, access to expert level email delivery knowledge and resources, and client-specific reports and real-time alerts to optimize email performance.
Overall, the partnership between MailPoet and Postmastery has resulted in reliable email delivery and improved customer satisfaction. MailPoet has been able to focus on their core business while relying on Postmastery’s expertise in email deliverability. If you are interested in learning more about Postmastery’s Managed Deliverability service, you can contact them through their website. Subscribing to their blog can also provide you with valuable industry insights and updates.
By Willem Stam, November 24, 2020.

Steve’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

Postmastery is an email infrastructure, deliverability, and monitoring company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They aim to help legitimate email senders be recognized as trustworthy senders to ensure email delivery to inboxes. They have a worldwide client base that includes email service providers, marketing agencies, and other professional senders.

Postmastery is a channel partner of Sparkpost (previously known as Port25) and provides PowerMTA licenses, integration services, local support, and delivery optimization services. They are also a support member of The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), which is a global email industry group that works against online exploitation.

One of the main products offered by Postmastery is Delivery Analytics. This tool gives senders a 360-degree view of email delivery and helps well-known brands and ESPs improve deliverability, sender reputation, and the performance of marketing and transactional emails. Delivery Analytics integrates with various MTAs and delivery service providers.

Postmastery also offers EmailAudit, a free tool that allows users to check their email against known email best practices and receive a detailed report with results and suggestions. The tool covers various aspects of an email, including connection, reputation, envelope, DKIM, SPF, header, DMARC, and content.

In addition, Postmastery provides an email delivery assessment service to review a company’s current email delivery performance and determine if they are following global email best practices. Their consultants collect data and conduct desk research to provide a report with actionable suggestions for improvement. They can also offer ongoing delivery monitoring services.

For those looking to outsource their delivery or deliverability management, Postmastery offers a Managed Deliverability service. Their delivery experts can run daily email delivery operations or collaborate with local teams. They have expertise and tooling available at different service levels, and MTA specialists can provide hands-on support if needed.

Postmastery is also a global channel partner of Sparkpost and offers PowerMTA professional services. They license, implement, and optimize PowerMTA for email service providers and brands. They can also fully manage PowerMTA, allowing users to run their own without the need for in-house MTA/delivery experts. Various integration components are available on GitHub.

Lastly, Postmastery provides DMARC implementation and monitoring services. They have the knowledge and expertise to help users become fully DMARC operational. They assist with processing reports, checking DNS records, and making difficult decisions regarding DKIM key management and DMARC policies.

In conclusion, Postmastery offers a range of products and services to help email senders improve their deliverability, sender reputation, and email performance. From delivery analytics to email audit tools, they provide solutions for email service providers, marketing agencies, and other professional senders. With their expertise, they help companies navigate the complexities of email deliverability and ensure successful inbox delivery.

Rick’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

An SMTP server is a type of server that is responsible for the sending, receiving, and relaying of email-specific data. It ensures that emails reach their intended recipients and contribute to higher email deliverability rates. One advanced option for SMTP servers is PowerMTA, which is specialized email delivery software that allows for greater control over email sending, IPs, and domains. PowerMTA can accommodate the use of multiple IPs, making it suitable for both small and large senders. By using SMTP servers, particularly PowerMTA, marketers can improve the deliverability of their emails and ensure that they reach users’ inboxes.

To improve email deliverability, marketers should focus on building a strong sender reputation, monitoring email bounce rates, segmenting their email lists, using dedicated IP addresses, partnering with email deliverability experts, and creating engaging email content. It’s also important to keep email lists clean and up-to-date and to monitor email deliverability metrics such as open and click-through rates, bounce rates, complaint rates, and unsubscribe rates. By following these best practices and working with a trustworthy provider of email deliverability solutions, marketers can achieve better email deliverability and see improved results in their email marketing campaigns.

Beth’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

PowerMTA Email API is a tool that allows users to submit emails to PowerMTA using HTTP and JSON instead of the traditional SMTP and MIME methods. The API is used to assemble and encode email messages according to the appropriate standards and then submit them to PowerMTA for delivery.

To get started with the PowerMTA Email API, users need to install it on their PowerMTA server and specify the listening address and pickup directory. Once the API is set up, email messages can be submitted by making a POST request to the API endpoint. Users need to provide the necessary information such as the sender, recipient(s), subject, and content of the email in JSON format.

For example, a CURL command can be used to submit an email message to the API:

curl -d '{"from":"[email protected]","to":"[email protected]","subject":"Test","text":"This is a test"}'

The JSON message object can contain various name/value pairs, including the sender, the recipients, the subject, and the content of the email. The sender and recipients can be specified as strings or as objects with additional details like a display name and email address. It is important to note that all strings are expected to be encoded as UTF-8, and text and HTML bodies are transfer-encoded with quoted-printable.

The PowerMTA Email API does not have built-in access control, so it is recommended to ensure that the API is only accessible from private IPs or behind a firewall to maintain security.

The documentation for the PowerMTA Email API provides example code in Python for submitting email messages. The code demonstrates how to use the requests library to make a POST request to the API endpoint with the necessary JSON payload.

In conclusion, the PowerMTA Email API offers a convenient way to submit emails to PowerMTA using HTTP and JSON. By leveraging this API, users can simplify the process of sending email messages and take advantage of the flexibility and ease of use provided by working with JSON data.

Jim’s Review of Powermta Vs Postmastery

PowerMTA and Postal are two software solutions that help with email delivery. PowerMTA is an industrial-strength software designed for high-volume email delivery. It provides reliable and efficient delivery of emails to ensure they reach the intended recipients. On the other hand, Postal is an open-source mail delivery platform that serves as an alternative to services like Mailgun or SendGrid. It focuses on delivering emails efficiently while maintaining good reputations and avoiding spam folders.

When comparing PowerMTA and Postal, it’s important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your email delivery process. PowerMTA offers a robust solution for businesses that require high-volume email delivery, such as large-scale marketing campaigns or transactional emails. It can handle large volumes of emails and provides advanced features for ensuring delivery success. PowerMTA integrates with other systems and provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities to track email delivery performance.

On the other hand, Postal is a suitable choice for users who prefer open-source software or who have moderate email delivery needs. It offers a scalable and reliable mail delivery platform that can handle a significant number of emails. While it may not have some of the advanced features of PowerMTA, Postal still provides a solid solution for businesses that require a reliable email delivery platform.

Both PowerMTA and Postal have their strengths and weaknesses. PowerMTA’s industrial-strength capabilities make it a top choice for businesses with high-volume email needs, especially if they require advanced features and integration capabilities. It is widely recognized in the industry and has a strong reputation for its reliability and performance.

On the other hand, Postal’s open-source nature makes it attractive to users who prefer more control over their email delivery infrastructure. It provides a scalable solution that can handle moderate email volumes and offers good deliverability rates. Postal also provides a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

In terms of cost, PowerMTA is a commercial software that requires a license to use. The pricing structure may vary depending on the specific requirements and volume of emails sent. Postal, on the other hand, is an open-source software that is available free of charge. However, it may require additional resources and maintenance efforts, depending on the scale and complexity of the email delivery infrastructure.

To conclude, both PowerMTA and Postal offer reliable email delivery solutions, but they cater to different types of users and requirements. PowerMTA excels in high-volume email delivery and provides advanced features and integration capabilities. Postal, being an open-source solution, appeals to users who prefer more control and scalability. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user or business.

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