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Postmark Vs Mysmtp

Nick’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

Postmark has recently announced the introduction of their new Retention Add-on, which aims to provide users with enhanced email deliverability and support. This add-on is a great alternative to Mailgun, offering a range of features that make it an attractive option for businesses in need of a reliable and efficient email service.

One of the main advantages of choosing Postmark over Mailgun is its exceptional deliverability. Postmark ensures that your emails are delivered promptly and reliably, without the need for additional fees or dedicated IP addresses. This is in contrast to Mailgun, which often requires users to upgrade to a dedicated IP or pay extra for better deliverability. With Postmark, great deliverability is included as standard.

In terms of support, Postmark also stands out. While Mailgun offers additional cost “Managed Email Service” for better support, Postmark believes that excellent support should be a fundamental responsibility for all customers. Therefore, there is no up-charge for great support with Postmark. They offer various channels of support, including email, live chat, and phone, and aim to respond to queries within a few hours. Additionally, they have comprehensive developer documentation and a support center packed with useful resources.

When it comes to troubleshooting, Postmark provides unrivaled capabilities. They log and retain detailed information about the event history and content of messages for a full 45 days, giving you peace of mind and making it easier to diagnose and resolve any issues that arise. In comparison, Mailgun only provides 30 days of event history and 3 days of full content history.

Postmark also offers pre-built and fully-tested email templates to help users get started quickly. These templates are thoroughly documented and come with extensive guides on best practices for configuration and engagement. For those who prefer to build their own templates, Postmark has developed MailMason, a complete toolset that streamlines the process of building and updating transactional emails.

In terms of pricing, Postmark offers plans based on the number of emails sent per month. They have a range of plans to accommodate different volumes of email, and extra emails on paid plans are calculated at the end of the billing cycle and included in the upcoming month’s cost. They accept payments via major credit cards and do not accept PayPal or purchase orders. Postmark also offers high-volume plans for those who require it and a free developer plan with 100 emails per month.

To conclude, Postmark’s Retention Add-on provides a compelling alternative to Mailgun, offering exceptional deliverability, great support, and comprehensive troubleshooting capabilities. With their pre-built templates, detailed documentation, and competitive pricing, Postmark is a strong choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient email service.

Tina’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

Postmark has introduced a new Retention Add-on that aims to improve the customer experience by helping companies deliver better transactional emails. By switching to Postmark, businesses can benefit from improved tracking information and minimize potential outages. The add-on also offers a free delivery consultation to assess and enhance transactional email practices. Customers who decide to switch to Postmark will even have their first purchase doubled.

Postmark boasts a list of satisfied customers, including reputable companies like Paddle, Indie Hackers,, IKEA, Litmus, and UNICEF, among others. These businesses have experienced the benefits of using Postmark, such as superior deliverability and scalability. Their positive feedback highlights Postmark’s superiority in comparison to other transactional email products like SendGrid, Mandrill, and SparkPost.

The main features of Postmark include an Email API, SMTP Service, Message Streams, Transactional Email, Email Delivery, Email Templates, Inbound Email, Analytics & Retention, Integrations, Webhooks, Security, Email Experts, and Rebound. These robust features ensure efficient and reliable email communication for businesses of all sizes.

Postmark caters to different types of organizations, including agencies, startups, enterprises, bootstrapped startups, and side projects. The platform also provides resources like a blog, API documentation, getting started guides, email guides, videos, a podcast, webinars, labs, and a glossary. These resources assist users in effectively utilizing Postmark’s features and optimizing their email communications.

In terms of support, Postmark has a support center and offers contact support and sales consultations. Additionally, users can check the service status to stay updated on any potential issues. The website also provides quick access to log in or start a free trial.

Postmark’s Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Service, and EU Data Protection ensure that customer data and privacy are protected. The company operates under ActiveCampaign, LLC, and is committed to maintaining a secure and reliable email service.

In summary, Postmark’s new Retention Add-on aims to enhance customer experiences through improved transactional emails. With a range of features, resources, and satisfied customers, Postmark provides businesses with reliable and efficient email communication solutions. By offering a free delivery consultation and doubling the first purchase for new customers, the company demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

Steve’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

In a blog post on the Postmark website, the company introduces its new Retention Add-on for email delivery. The blog post provides a comparison of various SMTP email services, including Postmark, SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, SparkPost, and Mandrill. The author explains that reliable email delivery at scale is not easy and that many platforms rely on SMTP email services to handle sending. The blog post then outlines the key factors to consider when choosing an SMTP service, including email deliverability, ease of setup, documentation, customer support, price, tracking capabilities, and data retention. The author then goes on to provide a detailed comparison of the pros, cons, and pricing of each of the seven SMTP email services mentioned. The blog post concludes by offering a downloadable spreadsheet for readers to compare the services side by side. It also encourages readers to try Postmark’s SMTP email service, highlighting its focus on reliable delivery, transparent pricing, customer support, and data retention. The blog post is written in an informative and helpful tone, providing readers with the tools and information they need to make an informed decision about their SMTP email service provider.

Rick’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

In a recent blog post, Postmark introduced its new Retention Add-on, which is aimed at helping businesses send crucial transactional emails. The blog post discusses the importance of choosing the right transactional email service provider and provides a comparison of six popular providers, including Postmark.

The blog post starts by emphasizing the need for reliable transactional email delivery and highlights the impact of missed emails on user experience. It then introduces the Retention Add-on as a solution to help businesses ensure the delivery of important emails.

The blog post goes on to compare six transactional email service providers, including Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, SparkPost, and Mandrill. For each provider, the post outlines the pros and cons, pricing information, and customer feedback. Postmark is presented as a reliable option with lightning-fast delivery, separate handling of promotional and transactional emails, and transparent pricing. While Postmark is the maker of the blog post, it aims to provide an honest overview of all the providers and encourages customers to choose the one that fits their needs best.

Throughout the blog post, there are visuals and screenshots that accompany the comparison, making it easy for readers to understand the information presented.

The post also offers additional insights on what to look for in a transactional email service provider, such as reliable email delivery, delivery speed, ease of use, responsive customer support, clear pricing, and robust email analytics. It concludes by encouraging readers to give Postmark a try and provides a link to start a free trial.

Overall, the blog post serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to choose the right transactional email service provider. It provides valuable information and comparisons to help readers make an informed decision.

Beth’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

Postmark vs mySMTP: Which SMTP Service is Right for You?

When it comes to sending emails, having a reliable SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service is essential. Two popular options in the market are Postmark and mySMTP. But which one should you choose? In this blog post, we will compare the two services to help you make an informed decision.

What can I use mySMTP for?

mySMTP is an outgoing SMTP service that allows you to send emails from networks that are normally not open for personal email sending. Many Internet providers restrict access to outgoing SMTP servers, but mySMTP uses open ports (25, 2525, and 587) to ensure you can send emails from any device or system that can send email.

What does SMTP mean?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is the standard system used to send emails. It ensures that your email is sent out into the world. You can find a more detailed description of the SMTP protocol on Wikipedia.

Why can’t I just use my Internet provider’s SMTP server?

Most Internet providers block port 25, which is the standard outgoing port for SMTP. This means that you won’t be able to send emails using their SMTP server. However, mySMTP uses ports 587 and 2525, which are always open, allowing you to send emails from any network.

Why not use a browser webmail such as Gmail and others?

While browser webmail services like Gmail are convenient for personal use, they may not be suitable for professional use. With mySMTP, you can send emails using your own domain, preserving your professional identity, regardless of your location.

Subscriptions and prices

To start using mySMTP, simply log into your account from the mySMTP homepage. If you have already tested mySMTP for free and want to continue with a paid subscription, all your information is already in the system, and you just need to choose the subscription that suits your needs. If you are new to mySMTP, you can choose a subscription from the subscription overview and make the payment to activate your account.

mySMTP offers various subscription options to cater to different needs. If you are a single user with normal email requirements, the Basic subscription is suitable for you. It allows you to send up to 100 emails a day. For sharing the subscription with family or friends, you can choose the Family subscription, which allows up to three email addresses. If you need SMTP service for a company or work group, the Premium subscriptions are available, offering different daily email limits. The Small Business subscription is ideal for sending up to 300 emails a day with five different email accounts. Additionally, mySMTP offers time-limited subscriptions for one to three years with discounts for longer subscriptions. You can also purchase Buffer Emails to have extra emails if you exceed your daily maximum.

Can I use the same mySMTP subscription for multiple email software and mobile devices?

Yes, you can share your mySMTP login with an unlimited number of users. However, it is recommended to provide separate logins for each user to have individual statistics and to ensure that the daily email volume is sufficient. Separate logins also enhance security.

How many emails can I send if I have a subscription for 100 emails a day?

With a 100-email per day subscription, you can send emails to, for example, 10 recipients with 90 Cc or Bcc recipients. Each recipient counts as one email transmission. If you have multiple email accounts, such as in the Family subscription, the daily volume of available emails is shared among all accounts. If you need to send more emails than the daily maximum, you can purchase Buffer emails.

Can I email using mySMTP abroad?

Yes, with mySMTP, you can send emails from anywhere, even when you are traveling. Simply set up your machine to use your mySMTP login and password, and you will be able to send emails from any foreign network. If the network blocks port 25, which is common, you can switch to port 587 or 2525, which are always open.

Extension and upgrade of mySMTP subscription

You can extend your mySMTP subscription online by logging into the dashboard. Ten days before your subscription expires, you will receive an email reminder. If you do not take any action, a final reminder will be sent two days before expiration. After your subscription expires, you can reactivate it at any time. Upgrading your subscription, from Basic to Small Business, for example, can be done through your account administration.

Additional emails and payment options

If you need to send more emails than the daily maximum, you can purchase Buffer emails. Simply log into your account and buy the desired number of buffer emails. mySMTP accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Visa Electron, JB, MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoin (only for dedicated servers). The use of 3-D secure adds extra security to the payment process.

Account dashboard and getting started

Once you have an active mySMTP account, you can access your dashboard to view detailed sending statistics, SMTP logins, payment history, and other relevant information. The account becomes active as soon as you make the payment, and you will receive an invoice and a setup email. Manuals for setting up mySMTP in different email software applications are available for easy installation.

Whitelisting for devices that can’t do SMTP authorization

If you have devices like scanners or older printers that cannot use SMTP authorization with a username and password, mySMTP offers whitelisting. By providing the IP address of the device, mySMTP can whitelist the IP, allowing the device to send emails without SMTP authorization. Simply send the IP number to mySMTP, and they will take care of the rest.

Support and service status

mySMTP offers support through email and Skype. You can reach them at [email protected] or via Skype using the username smtpsupport. Their support hours are weekdays from 10AM to 3PM +1 GMT. Additionally, you can check the status of the service on their status page for any service updates or issues.


Both Postmark and mySMTP are reliable SMTP services that offer various features and options. When choosing between the two, consider your specific needs and requirements. mySMTP stands out with its ability to send emails from networks that are usually restricted, making it suitable for professional use. With different subscription options and excellent customer support, mySMTP is a reliable choice for anyone looking for a powerful outgoing SMTP service.

Jim’s Review of Postmark Vs Mysmtp

The text you provided is a webpage from Stack Overflow that shows a list of questions tagged with “postmark.” Postmark is a service that helps with delivering and tracking transactional emails for web applications. The webpage displays 15 questions related to Postmark, with information such as the number of votes, number of answers, and number of views for each question. The questions cover various topics related to Postmark, such as sending emails that go to the recipient’s spam folder, sending multiple copies of emails, rendering views in a Rails API-only application, and sending attachments with Go. There are also questions about issues with email headers, sending emails on behalf of registered users, and using Postmark with MeteorJS and Heroku. Each question includes tags that indicate the languages or frameworks associated with the question, such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, SMTP, and Node.js. Overall, the webpage provides a list of questions that users have asked about using Postmark and addresses a range of topics related to transactional email delivery.

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