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Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

Nick’s Review of Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

In a recent discussion on the Server Fault forum, a user asked which domain should have ‘abuse’, ‘postmaster’, or “fbl” email accounts. The user explained that they provide SMTP services for multiple clients, and each client may use a different email address format for their accounts. The user wanted to know whether the ‘abuse’, ‘postmaster’, and ‘fbl’ accounts should be set up under their own domain or under the client’s domain.

The first answer to the question suggested that both domains should have these email accounts. The reasoning behind this is that when people look at the email headers, they will see the user’s mail server. If a client’s postmaster@ address doesn’t lead to satisfaction, someone might email the user’s server instead. Having ‘abuse’, ‘postmaster’, and ‘fbl’ accounts set up for both domains ensures that all necessary communication channels are in place.

The second answer provided more details about the purpose of the different email accounts. The user explained that ‘postmaster’ and ‘abuse’ are well-defined email accounts according to the RFC 2142. However, they were unsure about the purpose of ‘fbl’. Another user clarified that it stands for “feedback loop”.

The third answer delved into more technical details. It suggested that in order to use FBL (Feedback Loop) with the user’s IPs, the ‘ENVELOPE FROM’ address should be set to their own domain, even if the clients use their own domains in the ‘From’ and ‘Reply-To’ headers. This means that the ‘fbl’, ‘abuse’, and ‘postmaster’ email addresses should be set up under the user’s domain. The user clarified that clients should also have their own ‘abuse’ and ‘postmaster’ email addresses at their respective domains, and the user doesn’t necessarily need access to those inboxes. Most spam reporters will send abuse reports to the ‘ENVELOPE FROM’ address hosting domain, which in this case would be the user’s domain.

While the answers provided some insight into the topic, further research is necessary to determine the best practice for setting up ‘abuse’, ‘postmaster’, and ‘fbl’ email accounts. It is important to consider industry standards and regulations when making decisions about email account configurations.

In conclusion, when providing SMTP services for multiple clients, it is recommended to have ‘abuse’, ‘postmaster’, and ‘fbl’ email accounts set up for both the user’s domain and the client’s domain. The specifics of the email account configurations may vary depending on the purpose and requirements of each account.

Tina’s Review of Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

MySMTP and Postmastery are both email delivery solutions that aim to improve email deliverability and provide valuable insights and analytics. Postmastery offers a comprehensive Email Analytics console, which includes features such as Delivery Analytics, Reputation Monitor, Email Auditor, DMARC Reports, and EmailAudit. These tools help users analyze event-level data from MTA logs and ESP webhooks in real-time, improve deliverability in real-time, identify fixes to improve deliverability, protect domains from spoofing and phishing, and perform pre-flight checks on emails against best practices. Postmastery also offers Email Delivery services, including PowerMTA, Postfix, GreenArrow, Halon, and KumoMTA, which are optimized for high email volume and tailored for senders.

One of the highlights of Postmastery is their Postmastery Console, a comprehensive email analytics tool that provides a 360-degree view of email deliverability. The console helps users understand why delivery problems occur and provides actionable insights to improve email performance. The console consists of four modules, each using relevant data to provide meaningful reports. This allows users to fine-tune their email performance and achieve better results.

Postmastery has helped well-known brands improve their deliverability, such as ChapsVision, Bluetooth,, Moosend, Ongage, Pure360, Spotler Group, Upland, Wix, smtp2go, and mailpoet. These brands have benefited from Postmastery’s expertise in email infrastructure and delivery.

In addition to their products and services, Postmastery also offers resources such as blog posts that cover email industry trends and customer success stories. They also have a dedicated team passionate about email and a partner network that includes organizations like M3AAWG, SDCD, Signal spam, and more.

Postmastery emphasizes the importance of deliverability management and offers services to help users optimize their email delivery. They provide deliverability assessments to identify areas for improvement and hands-on support at the infrastructure level. Users can also outsource their deliverability management to Postmastery, allowing them to focus on their core business while the experts handle email delivery monitoring and management.

To get started with Postmastery, users can sign up for a free consultation or contact their team for more information. Postmastery’s goal is to empower email senders to achieve more by providing efficient and reliable email deliverability solutions.

Overall, Postmastery offers a range of products and services that cater to the needs of email senders. Their comprehensive email analytics console, Email Delivery services, and deliverability management solutions make them a valuable partner for businesses looking to improve their email deliverability. With their expertise and experience, Postmastery is a trusted choice for optimizing email performance and achieving better results.

Steve’s Review of Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

Postmastery is a leading platform that specializes in professional email delivery and monitoring. They provide valuable solutions for businesses and organizations, helping them ensure that their emails reach the intended inboxes. One of the key features of Postmastery is their powerful Postmastery Console. This comprehensive email management tool offers a unique view of email delivery problems, providing in-depth reports and analysis to help senders understand why certain issues occur and how to address them effectively. Postmastery also has a team of experts who specialize in email infrastructure and delivery assessments. These professionals conduct thorough assessments to identify areas for improvement and provide hands-on support when required. They take a proactive approach to address high bounce rates, delivery delays, spam filtering, and other factors that can impact sender reputation. In addition, Postmastery offers outsourced deliverability management, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving the monitoring and management of email delivery in capable hands. Their Email Delivery Control Centre provides access to essential tools, expertise, and experience necessary to ensure a positive delivery experience. Privacy and data protection are also important to Postmastery, and they prioritize user confidentiality, never sharing data with third parties or engaging in unsolicited contact. Overall, Postmastery is a reliable and comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to optimize their email performance and achieve higher engagement and success in their communication efforts.

Rick’s Review of Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

The user is asking for a solution for user registration for an ecommerce website that will reduce the number of messages delivered to the spam folder. They mention that they have tried setting up their own SMTP server with all the necessary rules and measures to ensure deliverability, but their emails are still being marked as spam by Gmail and other providers. They are frustrated with the situation and are seeking advice on how to resolve it.

In response to the question, there are two answers provided. The first answer suggests using a transactional email service instead of running an SMTP server themselves. The answer explains that using a transactional email service can improve deliverability because these services have built-in anti-spam systems and better tools to manage email sending reputation. The answer also mentions that there are free tiers available for many of these services.

The second answer suggests using a reliable third-party delivery provider with a good IP reputation. The answer suggests checking the IP reputation of providers such as AWS SES, SendGrid, and Mailgun using the HelloInbox email reputation checker. The answer also recommends using a subdomain to send transactional emails.

Overall, the answers provide practical solutions for improving email deliverability for user registration in ecommerce. They suggest using transactional email services or third-party delivery providers with good IP reputation. These solutions can help reduce the number of messages delivered to the spam folder and improve the overall deliverability of registration emails for an ecommerce website.

Beth’s Review of Mysmtp Vs Postmastery

This blog post is a discussion thread from the Spiceworks community forum. The original poster is a user named Cashif2106 who recently installed the MDaemon mail server for their company and is seeking help with various issues. They mention receiving “postmaster” emails about local bad users and want to know how to access the postmaster email and find out more about the errors. They also mention receiving random emails from unknown domains and users and want to know how to block them.

A user named Brad from MDaemon Technologies responds with helpful information. He explains that when a message is placed in the bad queue, a header is added to the email explaining why it was placed there. He suggests enabling the option to reject messages to invalid recipients before they are accepted for processing. He also provides information on how to block random emails using MDaemon’s security settings and mentions a helpful knowledge base article on configuring security settings.

Cashif2106 continues to ask questions about archiving emails and checking the postmaster email. Brad provides guidance on setting up archiving to specific users and folder options. Cashif2106 also asks about the missing SMTP in and out log files in the MDaemon log folder. Brad suggests checking the settings and provides assistance in resolving the issue.

The discussion thread concludes with Cashif2106 expressing gratitude for the support and guidance received. Brad responds, offering further assistance if needed.

Overall, the blog post summarizes a conversation between a user and a representative from MDaemon Technologies regarding various issues with the MDaemon mail server. The representative provides helpful information and guidance to address the user’s concerns.

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