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Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

Nick’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

In this blog post, we will be comparing two email service providers – MailerSend and Flowmailer. Email service providers play a crucial role in businesses by facilitating the sending and receiving of emails. They offer various features and functionalities that enhance email communication and management.

Let’s start by looking at the features offered by MailerSend:

Send and receive emails:
– Email API: MailerSend provides an Email API that allows developers to integrate email functionality into their applications.
– SMTP relay: With MailerSend, you can relay your emails through their SMTP servers, ensuring reliable delivery.
– Dynamic email templates: MailerSend offers dynamic email templates that can be customized to create engaging and personalized emails.
– Inbound email routing: MailerSend allows you to set up rules and filters to route and manage incoming emails.
– Email verification tool: MailerSend provides an email verification tool that enables you to validate email addresses and ensure deliverability.

Manage your account:
– User management: MailerSend allows you to manage multiple users and control their access and permissions.
– Multiple domains: You can manage multiple domains within your MailerSend account.
– Suppression lists: MailerSend offers suppression list management, allowing you to exclude certain email addresses from your mailing list.
– Analytics: MailerSend provides email analytics that give you insights into email performance, such as open rates and click-through rates.
– iOS App: MailerSend offers an iOS app that allows you to manage your email campaigns on the go.

Create emails:
– Drag & drop builder: MailerSend provides a drag and drop email template builder, making it easy to create visually appealing emails.
– HTML template editor: If you prefer coding your emails, MailerSend offers an HTML template editor.
– Rich-text email editor: MailerSend also provides a rich-text email editor for those who prefer a more straightforward approach.
– Email split testing: With MailerSend, you can conduct split testing to optimize your email campaigns.

Send SMS:
– Transactional SMS: MailerSend has recently introduced the ability to send transactional SMS messages alongside emails.

Why MailerSend:
– Business Solutions: MailerSend offers tailored solutions for various industries, such as SaaS, e-commerce, and banking.
– Use Cases: MailerSend provides real-world applications and scenarios where their service can be beneficial, such as sending bulk emails and delivering timely notifications.
– Email Templates: MailerSend offers ready-to-use email templates, simplifying the email creation process.

Apart from these features, MailerSend also provides resources to help users get started and access technical documentation, integrations, and status updates. They also have SDK libraries for popular programming languages and platforms.

Now, let’s take a look at some alternatives to MailerSend:

  • Amazon SES: MailerSend is positioned as an alternative to Amazon SES, offering more flexible deployment options, increased functionality, and features such as responsive templates and advanced analytics.
  • Mandrill: MailerSend is a scalable alternative to Mandrill, designed for developers and users of all skill levels. It offers advanced features, transparent pricing, and award-winning customer support.
  • SendGrid: MailerSend is positioned as an alternative to SendGrid, enabling team collaboration on transactional email campaigns with features like transparent pricing and advanced functionality.
  • MailerSend is an alternative to, offering flexible and advanced features without pricey add-ons, along with responsive templates and advanced analytics.
  • SparkPost: MailerSend is positioned as an alternative to SparkPost, now MessageBird, with a focus on user experience and empowering teams with advanced features and flexibility.
  • Mailgun: MailerSend is a secure and user-friendly alternative to Mailgun, providing advanced features, flexibility, and award-winning customer support.
  • Postmarkapp: MailerSend is positioned as an alternative to Postmarkapp, offering a fast and intuitive UI, responsive templates, and award-winning customer support.
  • Mailchimp: MailerSend is a flexible and scalable alternative to Mailchimp, allowing entire teams to contribute to transactional messaging with features like advanced functionality, simple pricing plans, and award-winning support.
  • Brevo: MailerSend is a cost-effective alternative to Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) for transactional email, offering a fast and reliable interface, added flexibility, and award-winning customer support.
  • Elastic Email: MailerSend is a reliable alternative to Elastic Email, providing high deliverability, unmatched usability, and award-winning support.
  • SMTP2GO: MailerSend is an alternative to SMTP2GO, offering scalability without breaking the bank, along with advanced features, powerful integrations, and award-winning customer support.

In conclusion, MailerSend is a feature-rich email service provider that offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance email communication and management. Whether you need to send transactional emails, create dynamic templates, or manage your email campaigns, MailerSend has you covered. Additionally, they provide resources and alternatives to other popular email service providers, making it easier to find the right solution for your business.

Tina’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

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Steve’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

In this blog post, we will be comparing four transactional email software: Mailgun, Amazon SES, Flowmailer, and MailerSend. We will provide an overview of each software and discuss their features, technical details, pricing, screenshots, integrations, and alternatives.

Mailgun is a powerful email API service designed to help developers with their email sending, receiving, and tracking procedures. It offers features such as personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing to improve email marketing strategies. Mailgun integrates with SMTP and HTTP API for easy bulk email sending. It also provides customizations for SPF, DMARC, and DKIM to ensure email security. The software can automatically parse incoming emails and offers a validation API to reduce invalid sign-ups. Mailgun offers seamless integration with other marketing tools such as Omnisend and

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a cloud-based email marketing and transactional email software. It allows users to send and receive notifications and messages to enhance marketing campaigns. Amazon SES offers various methods to send email, including the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface, API, and console. The software provides features such as email templates with replacement tags for content personalization, click tracking, event-triggered emails, and spam check. Amazon SES offers a free version for up to 62,000 emails per month and premium plans to fit various requirements.

Flowmailer is a transactional email delivery management portal developed in the Netherlands. It is GDPR-compliant and certified under ISO 27001 for data security. Flowmailer ensures secure email communications by leveraging metrics like SMTP and API. The software offers a variety of pre-configured email templates for quick email generation. It provides detailed tracking analytics and powerful reports for insights. Flowmailer offers exclusive features like bounce rate management, message archive, and PDF attachments. The software has a dedicated support team to handle customer queries and integrates with other apps like Integromat and Zapier.

MailerSend is a transactional email management system designed for developers with a simple interface. It allows non-technical team members to contribute efficiently. MailerSend facilitates the forwarding of invoices, delivery updates, and password reset links. It provides an advanced email builder with drag-and-drop capabilities for easy email creation. MailerSend also offers integration with external apps like Integromat and Zapier for seamless business processes. The software ensures real-time access to transactional email services and provides features such as email API, pre-configured templates, and SMTP relay.

In terms of pricing, Mailgun offers a free trial and premium plans based on the number of emails sent. Amazon SES offers various pricing options based on the type of email sending and receiving. Flowmailer offers different plans ranging from Go to Pro, based on the number of emails. MailerSend offers a free plan with a limited number of emails and a premium plan based on the number of email messages.

Screenshots of the software are available on the SaaSworthy website. The websites of Mailgun, Amazon SES, Flowmailer, and MailerSend provide more information about the software, including technical details, deployment options, and customer support.

In terms of integrations, Amazon SES offers integration with Amazon WorkMail, Aritic PinPoint, Microsoft Azure, Mailgun, and MailChimp. Flowmailer integrates with Mailjet, SendGrid, Mailgun, Postmark, and SMTP2GO. MailerSend integrates with SendinBlue, Mailgun, MailChimp, SendGrid, and MailerLite.

For those looking for alternatives, SaaSworthy provides a list of top alternatives for each software category. The alternatives for Mailgun include Amazon SES, Postmark, SMTP, Mailjet, and MailChimp. The alternatives for Amazon SES include Amazon WorkMail, Aritic PinPoint, Microsoft Azure, and Mailgun. The alternatives for Flowmailer include Mailjet, SendGrid, Mailgun, Postmark, and SMTP2GO. The alternatives for MailerSend include SendinBlue, Mailgun, MailChimp, SendGrid, and MailerLite.

Rick’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

In a Reddit post on the r/SaaS forum, a user asked for recommendations for a mailing provider for transactional mails. The user mentioned that their company is based in the EU and SendGrid does not work for them. They requested suggestions from the community.

The post did not receive any direct responses or recommendations from other users. However, the user’s query highlights the importance of finding a suitable mailing provider for transactional mails, especially for businesses based in the EU. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen provider complies with EU data protection regulations and offers reliable and efficient services.

When selecting a mailing provider, there are several factors to consider. These include the provider’s reputation, delivery rates, user interface, available features, pricing, and customer support. It is essential to choose a provider that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

While the post did not receive any specific recommendations, there are several popular mailing providers that are commonly used for transactional mails. Some examples include Mailjet, Sendinblue, Rapidmail, and Flowmailer. These providers offer various features and pricing plans to cater to different business requirements.

Mailjet is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, including advanced email personalization, A/B testing, and detailed analytics. Sendinblue is another popular choice, offering a wide range of services such as email marketing, transactional emails, SMS marketing, and marketing automation.

Rapidmail is a German-based mailing provider that focuses on delivering high-quality transactional emails. They offer features like template customization, delivery optimization, and spam testing. Flowmailer, another EU-based provider, specializes in transactional emails and provides strong deliverability rates.

When choosing between these providers, it is essential to evaluate their features, pricing, and customer reviews. Additionally, consider factors such as data protection compliance, integration options, and scalability to accommodate future business growth.

It is also worth noting that there are other reputable mailing providers available in the market. Some well-known options include Mailchimp, SendGrid, and Postmark. These providers offer a range of services, including transactional emails, marketing automation, and email campaigns.

To make an informed decision, it is advisable to compare different providers based on your specific requirements. Consider factors such as ease of use, deliverability rates, scalability, customer support, and pricing. Take advantage of free trials or demos offered by these providers to test their services firsthand.

In conclusion, finding a suitable mailing provider for transactional mails is crucial for businesses, especially those based in the EU. While the Reddit post did not receive specific recommendations, there are several reputable providers available, including Mailjet, Sendinblue, Rapidmail, and Flowmailer. It is essential to consider factors such as features, pricing, data protection compliance, and customer reviews when choosing a provider. Additionally, compare different options and take advantage of free trials to ensure that the chosen provider meets your specific needs.

Beth’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

Mailersend vs Flowmailer: A Comparison of Email Marketing Services

When it comes to email marketing, choosing the right service provider is crucial for the success of your campaigns. Two popular options in the market are Mailersend and Flowmailer. In this article, we will compare these two services based on their features, pricing, ease of use, and customer support. By the end of this comparison, you will have a clear idea of which email marketing service is the best fit for your needs.


Both Mailersend and Flowmailer offer an array of features designed to enhance your email marketing efforts. Mailersend provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and automate email campaigns effortlessly. It offers advanced features such as A/B testing, email analytics, and segmentation, allowing you to target specific groups of subscribers with personalized content. Additionally, Mailersend offers integrations with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Shopify, making it convenient for users who already have a website.

On the other hand, Flowmailer focuses on delivering transactional emails with high deliverability rates. It offers features such as email tracking, real-time logs, and webhook support, ensuring that your transactional emails reach your recipients’ inbox reliably. Flowmailer also boasts robust security measures, including DKIM and SPF authentication, protecting your emails from being marked as spam.


Pricing is an important factor to consider when choosing an email marketing service. Mailersend offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of emails you send each month, starting from as low as $9/month. Their plans include features such as unlimited subscribers, SMTP integration, and customer support.

Flowmailer, on the other hand, adopts a slightly different approach to pricing. They offer a customizable pricing structure based on your specific needs, including factors such as the number of emails sent, the number of recipients, and additional features required. While this may be advantageous for businesses with unique requirements, it might make it difficult to compare the pricing directly with Mailersend.

Ease of Use

Both Mailersend and Flowmailer are designed to be user-friendly, even for those with little to no technical expertise. Mailersend boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it simple to create and manage your email campaigns. Their drag-and-drop email builder allows you to customize your emails without any coding knowledge, while their automation features make it effortless to set up drip campaigns and targeted messages.

Flowmailer also prioritizes ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the management of your transactional emails. Their dashboard provides real-time insights into your email delivery rates and allows you to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Additionally, Flowmailer offers extensive documentation and tutorials to help you get started and make the most out of their platform.

Customer Support

Having reliable customer support is crucial, especially when dealing with technical issues or having questions about the platform. Mailersend offers 24/7 customer support through live chat and email. Their team is responsive and knowledgeable, ensuring that you receive assistance whenever you need it. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials to help you navigate through any challenges you may encounter.

Flowmailer also provides customer support through email and phone. While their response time may vary, their support team is known for being helpful and dedicated. They also have an active community forum where users can ask questions and share their experiences.


In conclusion, both Mailersend and Flowmailer offer robust features and user-friendly interfaces for email marketing. Mailersend is an ideal choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one email marketing solution, with features like A/B testing, segmentation, and integrations with popular CMS platforms. On the other hand, Flowmailer specializes in delivering transactional emails with high deliverability rates and strong security measures.

When it comes to pricing, Mailersend offers flexible plans based on the number of emails sent, starting from as low as $9/month. Flowmailer adopts a customizable pricing structure, which may be beneficial for businesses with unique requirements.

Lastly, both services provide reliable customer support, with Mailersend offering 24/7 assistance and extensive knowledge resources, while Flowmailer provides support via email, phone, and their active community forum.

Ultimately, the choice between Mailersend and Flowmailer depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. It is recommended to take advantage of their free trial periods or demos to test out the platforms and determine which one aligns best with your email marketing objectives.

Jim’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

In this blog post, we will be discussing the differences between two email APIs: Mailersend and Flowmailer. Mailersend is a platform that offers features such as SMTP relay, email & SMS API, and API documentation. On the other hand, Flowmailer provides functionalities like email deliverability, platform reliability, and shared vs. dedicated IP addresses.

When it comes to platform support, Flowmailer offers a Flowmailer Academy where users can access resources and support. They also provide options for demos, technical consultancy, and support. This ensures that users have the necessary tools and assistance to maximize their experience with the platform.

In terms of compliance, Flowmailer provides legal documentation, such as DDMA Code Email and the impact of Schrems II. They also have certifications like ISO27001 and documents related to housing, technical & organizational measures, and privacy policies. These compliance measures ensure that user data is protected and that the platform meets industry standards.

Moving on to the features, Flowmailer offers various design options, such as template editing, dynamic attachments, and language packs. These features allow users to customize their email templates and create engaging content. The platform also has deliverability management functionalities, scheduling options, authentication wizards, bounce management, and tools to check if an email domain is blocklisted. These features ensure that emails are successfully delivered to recipients.

Flowmailer also provides tracking capabilities, including email management, engagement tracking, real-time analytics, and a message archive. These features enable users to monitor the performance of their emails and make data-driven decisions to improve their email strategies.

Additionally, Flowmailer offers resources such as blogs and webinars that cover topics like why emails are marked as spam and trends in transactional email design. These resources provide valuable insights and guidance for users looking to enhance their email campaigns.

When it comes to integration with existing software, Flowmailer seamlessly integrates with digital environments. Its email API and SMTP functionalities allow users to send messages without the need for extensive development. The platform also provides robust support from a team of experts who are available to assist users and provide documentation and instructional videos through the Flowmailer Academy.

One of the key advantages of selecting Flowmailer is its adherence to GDPR compliance. All data processed by Flowmailer is stored in independent Dutch data centers, ensuring that customer data never leaves the European Union. This commitment to data privacy and security gives users peace of mind when using the platform.

Flowmailer has been trusted by notable companies such as Pathe Cinemas, Eneco, and Teamtailor. These companies have experienced the benefits of using Flowmailer’s reliable API for their email needs.

To get started with Flowmailer, users can create a free trial account and access the platform’s features. The platform offers support, API documentation, knowledge base, whitepapers, and an academy to help users navigate and optimize their experience with Flowmailer.

In conclusion, Flowmailer offers a robust email API with a range of features that cater to different user requirements. With its seamless integration, compliance with GDPR, and support from experts, Flowmailer is a reliable choice for companies looking to enhance their email communication.

Dan’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

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Jennifer’s Review of Mailersend Vs Flowmailer

In this blog post, we will be discussing the differences between two email delivery platforms: Mailersend and Flowmailer. While both platforms offer email delivery services, there are certain features and functionalities that set them apart.

Flowmailer is an email delivery platform that allows companies to trust high delivery rates for their transactional emails. It connects to every single source system that sends email using SMTP and/or REST API and delivers those emails to the inbox. The platform also supports DMARC reporting, which helps businesses increase email deliverability through email authentication. Flowmailer is used by companies like VodafoneZiggo, Eneco, Exact, and many others.

One of the key advantages of Flowmailer is that it controls its own infrastructure and hosts its data in two redundant, European data centers, making it GDPR compliant. This ensures that businesses can trust the platform with their sensitive data and comply with data protection regulations.

On the other hand, Mailersend is an advanced transactional email and SMTP relay platform. It offers powerful features and advanced templates for easy integration and scalable delivery. Mailersend allows users to collaborate with colleagues and send emails on behalf of their own customers. It also provides user roles and a free test account for professional development. Additionally, Mailersend offers phone support and consultancy for its users.

When comparing the key features of these two platforms, Flowmailer offers a Domain Wizard, SMTP/REST API integration, DMARC analyses, an Advanced Template Builder, Message Archive, Open & Click Tracking, Bounce Management Module, the ability to send PDF attachments, GDPR compliance, support for multiple domains and sources, SSL-encryption, two-factor login, and roles and audit logs. On the other hand, Mailersend provides features such as email scheduling, campaign analytics, email attachments, customizable email templates, email tracking, and advanced reporting.

In terms of pricing, both platforms offer pricing plans based on usage and needs. It is recommended to visit their respective websites to get more information on pricing details.

Overall, both Flowmailer and Mailersend offer reliable email delivery services with their own unique features and advantages. The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and requirements of the business or individual user. It is important to carefully consider factors such as integration options, scalability, support, and pricing when making a decision.

For more information on Flowmailer and Mailersend, including screenshots and general info, please check out their respective websites.

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