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Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

Nick’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

As a blog writer, the topic I want to discuss today is the comparison between GreenArrow and Mailjet, two popular email marketing software. Before I dive into the details, let me first address the technical issue we often encounter when browsing websites – the “Something went wrong” error message that prompts us to wait and try again. This is an inconvenience that can be solved by enabling Javascript and refreshing the page.

Now, let’s focus on the main subject: GreenArrow vs Mailjet. Both of these platforms are designed to assist businesses in their email marketing efforts, but they do have their own unique features and strengths.

GreenArrow is an email delivery software that provides robust features for email marketers. It offers advanced tools for managing large volumes of emails, ensuring high deliverability rates. With GreenArrow, users can have complete control over their email deliverability, including managing IP addresses, analyzing bounces, and monitoring sender reputation. This level of control allows businesses to optimize their email campaigns and enhance their overall email deliverability.

On the other hand, Mailjet is a cloud-based email service provider that caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Mailjet provides a user-friendly interface and a set of powerful features that make email marketing campaigns more effective. With its drag-and-drop email editor, users can easily create and customize email templates without any coding knowledge. Additionally, Mailjet offers real-time collaboration, allowing marketing teams to work together seamlessly.

When it comes to email deliverability, GreenArrow has a strong reputation for ensuring high inbox placement rates. Its powerful delivery infrastructure and reputation management tools contribute to its success in getting emails into the recipient’s inbox. With GreenArrow, businesses can confidently send out large volumes of emails while maintaining a good sender reputation.

Mailjet, on the other hand, also boasts good deliverability rates. It has a strong infrastructure that optimizes email delivery, ensuring that emails reach the intended recipients. Mailjet utilizes several strategies, such as real-time monitoring and feedback loops, to enhance deliverability and prevent emails from being marked as spam.

In terms of pricing, GreenArrow offers flexible plans tailored to the specific needs of businesses. They offer both pay-as-you-go and monthly plans, allowing businesses to choose the option that suits their budget and email volume. With GreenArrow, you pay for what you use, and there are no long-term commitments or hidden fees.

Mailjet also offers flexible pricing plans, with options for both monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go. Their pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it affordable for startups and scalable for growing enterprises.

When considering customer support, GreenArrow provides extensive support options, including phone, email, and live chat. Their knowledgeable support team is available to assist customers with any technical issues or questions they may have. GreenArrow also offers comprehensive documentation and resources on their website, ensuring that users have all the information they need to maximize the benefits of the platform.

Similarly, Mailjet takes customer support seriously. They provide 24/7 support via email and chat, ensuring that customers can get help whenever they need it. Mailjet also offers an extensive knowledge base and video tutorials to help users navigate the platform and make the most of its features.

In conclusion, both GreenArrow and Mailjet offer powerful features and tools to enhance your email marketing efforts. GreenArrow stands out with its focus on email deliverability and control, providing businesses with the tools they need to optimize their email campaigns. Mailjet, on the other hand, shines with its user-friendly interface and collaboration features, making it a great choice for teams working on email marketing campaigns. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences, so be sure to consider your requirements and compare the features of each platform before making a decision.

Tina’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

GreenArrow Engine is a transactional email software that offers smooth email delivery service. It provides a reliable platform for sending transactional emails to customers. With GreenArrow Engine, businesses can ensure that their emails are delivered on time and reach the right person. The software offers features like personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing to help brands strategize their email marketing processes and improve engagement levels. GreenArrow Engine integrates with SMTP and HTTP API, making it easier to send emails in bulk. The software also provides SPF, DMARC, and DKIM customizations to protect emails from bad actors. It offers email templates for streamlining collaboration between different teams. GreenArrow Engine seamlessly integrates with other platforms like Omnisend, infobip, and, allowing for easy marketing campaign creation and segmentation of customer data.

Steve’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

If you’re in the business of email marketing, you know how crucial it is to have reliable and powerful email delivery software. That’s where GreenArrow comes in. GreenArrow offers a range of solutions designed to help you send emails smarter and more efficiently.

One of the key features of GreenArrow is its high-performance delivery system. With GreenArrow, you won’t have to worry about emails not reaching their destination. Their software ensures that your messages are delivered promptly, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

In addition to reliable delivery, GreenArrow also provides valuable insights to improve your email deliverability. With transparent data and subscriber activity reports, you can fine-tune your messages and make connections with your audience. This data-driven approach can help you grow your business and build better subscriber relationships.

Another advantage of GreenArrow is its flexibility. Whether you choose the On-Premises Edition or the Cloud Edition, GreenArrow offers integration capabilities that make it easy to connect with your existing systems. This means you can seamlessly incorporate GreenArrow into your tech stack without any hassle.

When it comes to customer support, GreenArrow takes it to the next level. Their support team is not just problem-solvers, but also solution coordinators. They go above and beyond to help you with any issues you may face and provide you with the tools and knowledge to get smarter about your software.

GreenArrow offers two main solutions: the GreenArrow Engine and the Engine + Marketing Studio. The GreenArrow Engine is designed for high-volume senders who require enterprise-grade MTA or SMTP/API email delivery software. It offers flexible integration capabilities to send messages quickly and securely. On the other hand, the Engine + Marketing Studio is perfect for marketers who need to build and send high-volume, time-sensitive campaigns. It provides more insights from list activity to improve engagement with subscribers.

Choosing between the On-Premises and Cloud solutions depends on your specific needs and preferences. It’s not just a hardware issue, but rather about the overall experience you envision for your team, processes, and output. GreenArrow provides the flexibility to choose the right fit for your business.

GreenArrow has received positive feedback from its customers. Marcus Bointon from Synchromedia appreciates the deliverability, integration abilities, customization, and competitive pricing that GreenArrow offers. Other success stories are also available on their website.

In conclusion, GreenArrow is a reliable and powerful email delivery software that helps businesses optimize their email marketing campaigns. With its high-performance delivery, valuable insights, flexibility, and outstanding support, GreenArrow empowers businesses to connect with their audience and grow their business. If you’re looking to improve your email marketing efforts, GreenArrow might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Schedule a free demo to see how GreenArrow can benefit your business today.

Rick’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

GreenArrow Email is a cloud-based email marketing solution for enterprises. It has several competitors in the market, including Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Return Path, Mailjet, and SendGrid.

GreenArrow Email is ranked 1,377th among its competitors, and it has 1,027 active competitors. The company has raised a total of $1.12 billion in funding across 130 funding rounds. Its top competitors, such as Constant Contact, have raised significant amounts of funding, with Constant Contact raising $363 million, ActiveCampaign raising $131 million, Return Path raising $81.1 million, Mailjet raising $37 million, and SendGrid raising $17.6 million.

GreenArrow Email’s competitors offer similar services, such as multi-channel online marketing tools, sales and CRM automation software, email marketing automation, and fraud protection platforms. Each competitor has its own strengths and features. For example, Constant Contact is an acquired company based in Waltham and provides multi-channel online marketing tools for small businesses. ActiveCampaign, based in Chicago, offers a platform with sales, CRM, and email marketing automation software. Return Path, based in New York City, is an acquired company that specializes in email marketing automation and fraud protection. Mailjet, based in Paris, is also an acquired company and provides a cloud-based email marketing solution. SendGrid, based in Boulder, is an acquired company that focuses on email marketing automation.

The competitors of GreenArrow Email have a range of funding and investor support, with some having more funding rounds and higher total funding than others. For example, Constant Contact has the highest total funding at $363 million and has investors such as Morgan Stanley, Greylock, and others. ActiveCampaign has raised $131 million in funding and has investors like Susquehanna Growth Equity, Silversmith Capital Partners, and others. Return Path has raised $81.1 million and has investors such as Sutter Hill Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and others. Mailjet has raised $37 million, and SendGrid has raised $17.6 million.

In terms of growth, GreenArrow Email has a Tracxn Score of 72 out of 100, while Constant Contact has a Tracxn Score of 72 out of 100, ActiveCampaign has a Tracxn Score of 71 out of 100, and Return Path has a Tracxn Score of 65 out of 100.

Overall, GreenArrow Email faces stiff competition in the email marketing solutions market, with several established players offering similar services. The company will need to leverage its strengths and differentiate itself to stay competitive in the industry.

Beth’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 6 alternatives to Mailgun, a popular email delivery platform. When running email marketing campaigns, it is crucial to have the right tools to ensure successful email deliverability. While Mailgun is a popular choice, it is important to explore other options that may be more suitable for your business.

Mailgun offers a range of features such as email APIs, inbound email management, cloud-based SMTP services, detailed analytics, send time optimization, and email log retention. It also has Mailjet as part of its services, which allows users to improve the quality of their emails with appealing templates.

However, Mailgun does have its limitations. One of the drawbacks is its unexceptional delivery rate, which stands at 97%. This may be a concern for enterprise businesses that cannot afford to lose any leads. Additionally, Mailgun lacks the ability to handle IP blacklisting and does not offer the option to download email logs.

In terms of pricing, Mailgun operates on a pay-as-you-grow basis with plans starting at $35 per month for 50k emails and going up to $90 per month for 100k emails. It also offers a monthly trial version with 5k free emails and $1 for every additional 1k emails.

If you are looking for alternatives to Mailgun, here are the top 6 options to consider:

  1. SendPost: SendPost is an affordable solution that offers a CRM deliverability dashboard, dedicated IP pool, reliable delivery rate, and 90 days log retention. It does not have a free version, but its pricing starts at just $7 per month.

  2. PowerMTA: PowerMTA is an email delivery tool by SparkPost that provides detailed reports for monitoring and analyzing email marketing campaigns. It does not support archiving, canned responses, and log retention.

  3. GreenArrow: GreenArrow is suitable for high-volume reliable email delivery. However, it may be expensive for small or growing businesses.

  4. SparkPost: SparkPost optimizes email performance by collecting data from past user activity. However, there is a risk of account suspension due to guideline violation, and it is an expensive option with limited cross-platform integration.

  5. SendGrid: SendGrid offers data security and scalability with its email APIs. However, it is also an expensive option with limited cross-platform integration.

  6. Amazon SES: Amazon SES integrates easily with the Amazon environment and handles bounce automatically. However, there are strict guidelines for email delivery, and violating them can lead to permanent account suspension.

Among these alternatives, SendPost stands out as a recommended choice. It offers consistent and reliable email delivery with over a 99% average delivery rate. It also provides a deliverability CRM dashboard, deep analytics with a reports dashboard, smart alerts for real-time monitoring, easy scalability, and value-for-money pricing starting at $7 per month.

Ultimately, the choice of the email deliverability tool depends on the specific needs and preferences of your business. It is important to consider factors such as delivery rate, integrations, ease of use, pricing, and support services before making a decision. With the right tool, you can ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns and enhance customer engagement.

Jim’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

In this blog post, we will compare two popular email service providers: Mailjet and Mailgun. Both companies offer a range of products and services to meet your email needs.

Mailjet is known for its intuitive front-end email builder and advanced marketing features, making it a great choice for teams collaborating on email campaigns. On the other hand, Mailgun is designed for developers and offers specialized offerings for high volume API-based sending.

When comparing the features of Mailjet and Mailgun, there are some key differences. Mailjet has a drag-and-drop tool for creating emails, a template gallery for ready-to-use designs, and multilingual support in four languages. Mailjet also offers MJML, a responsive email framework created by Mailjet. On the other hand, Mailgun does not offer a drag-and-drop email builder or a template gallery, and it only provides support in English.

In terms of infrastructure and certifications, both Mailjet and Mailgun have powerful and flexible API and SMTP solutions that can scale effectively. Mailjet is GDPR and ISO27001 certified, which ensures the highest level of data security and privacy. Mailgun also offers SOC2 compliance and HIPAA compliance.

When it comes to marketing features, Mailjet stands out with its advanced email builder and features such as dynamic sections, real-time collaboration, automation, segmentation, and A/B testing. These features allow marketers to bring their vision to life and optimize their email campaigns. Mailgun also offers A/B testing and segmentation, but it does not have the same level of advanced marketing features as Mailjet.

Overall, both Mailjet and Mailgun are reputable email service providers with their own unique strengths. Mailjet is a great choice for marketers who value an intuitive email builder and advanced marketing features, while Mailgun is more suitable for developers who prioritize API-based sending and deliverability tools.

To learn more and compare the features and offerings of Mailjet and Mailgun, you can visit their respective websites.

Dan’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

In this blog post, we will be comparing two email marketing software programs: Mailjet and EmailGreen. We will be looking at their features, pricing, and integrations to determine which one is the better choice for your business.

Mailjet is a software application that offers a user-friendly interface and robust features to accelerate your email marketing strategies. It scored a 9.0 in our SmartScore rating and has a user satisfaction rate of 100%. Some of its key features include real-time email tracking, contact list management, delivery and analytics dashboard, one-to-one personalization, email templates, SMTP relay, and segmentation. Mailjet offers three pricing packages to suit the needs of different users: Free, Bronze starting at $7.49/month, and Crystal starting at $21.95/month. It also integrates with various business systems and applications such as ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, BigCommerce, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Cloud Platform, Magento, and Marketo.

On the other hand, EmailGreen is an integrated web-based email marketing and CRM platform designed to help organizations and businesses manage their contacts. It scored an 8.0 in our SmartScore rating and has a user satisfaction rate of 100%. Some of its features include contact management, event management, lead scoring, list management, marketing automation, sales pipeline management, territory management, analytics/email tracking, campaign segmentation, and email drip campaigns. EmailGreen offers four pricing plans: Starter starting at $69/month, Pro starting at $89/month, Premium starting at $109/month, and Powerhouse starting at $149/month. It integrates with GreenRope and Zapier.

When comparing Mailjet and EmailGreen, both software programs have their strengths and weaknesses. Mailjet offers a wider range of features including real-time email tracking and A/X testing, while EmailGreen focuses more on CRM functionalities such as lead management and sales pipeline management. Mailjet’s pricing plans are more affordable for small businesses, while EmailGreen’s plans are more scalable for larger enterprises.

In conclusion, when choosing between Mailjet and EmailGreen, it is important to consider your specific business needs and goals. If you are looking for a robust email marketing solution with advanced features and affordable pricing, Mailjet may be the better choice for you. However, if you require more CRM functionalities and scalability for larger enterprises, EmailGreen may be the better option. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your unique requirements and preferences.

Jennifer’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

GreenArrow vs Mailjet – Finding the Right Email Service Provider for Personalized Newsletters

When it comes to sending personalized newsletters, finding the right email service provider can be a challenge. Many popular email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, do not offer the functionality for personalized newsletters beyond simple personalization like using the subscriber’s name. In this blog post, we will explore the options available and highlight two email service providers that stand out: GreenArrow and Mailjet.

GreenArrow is an email engine + studio offered by It offers a unique feature that allows users to execute arbitrary code for each contact, enabling the creation of complex and customized newsletters for each recipient. In addition, GreenArrow is known for its impressive speed, capable of pushing over 1 million messages per hour. However, it’s worth mentioning that GreenArrow requires some development knowledge to fully utilize its capabilities. Another advantage of GreenArrow is its pricing, especially if you opt for the perpetual license and host it on your own dedicated server.

On the other hand, Mailjet is a popular choice for email marketing. While it may not offer the same level of customization as GreenArrow, Mailjet provides a user-friendly platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of features, including contact segmentation, A/B testing, and real-time analytics. However, it is important to note that Mailjet may not have native support for personalized newsletters at the level of complexity desired.

Other options mentioned in the discussion include Dada Mail, Amazon SES,, Mautic, Hubspot, and Marketo. Dada Mail offers email templating with if statements, which can be useful for personalizing newsletters. Amazon SES itself supports personalized emails, but it is unclear if any third-party scripts offer the desired functionality. allows for deeper personalization using Liquid and provides transactional and segment-specific campaigns. However, it’s worth noting that the person recommending is an employee, so their statement must be considered with that in mind.

Mautic is an open-source option that requires setting up and maintaining a separate server. Hubspot and Marketo offer extensive marketing automation capabilities but may be overkill for the specific use case of personalized newsletters. In terms of ease of use and compatibility, Mailjet stands out as a reliable option for businesses looking for a comprehensive email marketing solution that can handle some degree of personalization.

In the discussion, a few users mentioned the use of machine learning to generate personalized content for newsletters. While this is an interesting approach, it may not be suitable for everyone. One user mentioned an issue with firing the personalized newsletter from a web application, as it often takes a significant amount of time to send to a large list of users. Another challenge mentioned was the difficulty in allowing marketing teams to easily edit the content of newsletters without requiring developer resources.

Overall, finding an email service provider that meets the specific needs of personalized newsletters can be a challenge. GreenArrow and Mailjet are two providers that offer different strengths. GreenArrow provides extensive customization options but requires technical knowledge, while Mailjet offers a user-friendly platform with some degree of personalization capabilities. Depending on the level of customization required and the technical resources available, businesses can choose the provider that best suits their needs.

Dave’s Review of Greenarrow Vs Mailjet

Transactional emails are an essential part of email communication for businesses. These emails inform users about various transactions, such as purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets, and more. However, managing SMTP servers in-house to send a large volume of transactional emails can be resource-intensive and costly. This is where transactional email services come in.

Transactional email services provide a simpler and more cost-effective solution for businesses to send transactional emails. They offer tools and features such as customizable templates, better deliverability, analytics, email validation services, and more. In this article, we will introduce you to 34 transactional email services that developers can use to set up email infrastructure.

We start the list with Amazon SES, which is the email service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides robust documentation, libraries, and ecosystem support. Amazon SES also offers tools and features to increase deliverability, custom analytics setup, and works well with applications hosted on AWS. The cost of Amazon SES depends on the number of emails sent and received, with the first 62,000 emails per month being free for applications hosted on Amazon EC2 or Amazon Lambda. is another transactional email service that offers email delivery services to entities with high email volumes. It provides strong API support, track and analyze large email volumes, and offers a turnkey migration from other services. The pricing plans for start at $25 per month for 50,000 emails and go up to $500 per month for one million emails.

Mailchimp Transactional Email is a leading email marketing service provider that also offers a transactional email service. It allows users to send personalized transactional emails with high deliverability, customizable analytics dashboards, and supports globalization. Mailchimp Transactional Email offers a free trial and pricing starts at $20 per month for 25,000 emails.

Mailgun is an email service that focuses on developers, with APIs to send and receive emails. It offers an API-first development approach and provides fast and accurate email validation services. Mailgun offers a free trial of 5,000 free emails per month for the first three months, and then charges on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Postmark is an email service that can be easily integrated with existing applications. It offers fast email delivery with detailed analytics and access to accessible documentation. Postmark has a free trial available and pricing starts at $1.25 per email for the first 10,000 emails.

Twilio SendGrid is one of the most popular email services and provides an easy-to-read console, integration tools, high email deliverability, and scalability. Pricing for Twilio SendGrid starts with a free trial and plans start from $14.95 per month for 50,000 emails.

These are just a few examples of the transactional email services available in the market. Each service offers unique features, pricing models, and integrations that can meet the specific needs of your business. By comparing the features, capabilities, and pricing of these services, you can make an informed decision about the best transactional email service for your needs.

In conclusion, transactional email services provide businesses with a simpler and more cost-effective solution for sending transactional emails. They offer a range of features, from customizable templates to better deliverability and analytics, to help businesses deliver effective transactional emails. By exploring the options available and comparing the features and pricing of different services, businesses can choose the best transactional email service for their specific needs.

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