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Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

Nick’s Review of Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

Brevo vs Choosing the Right Email Delivery Service

Email communication has become an essential part of our personal and professional lives, and ensuring its smooth delivery is crucial. When it comes to selecting an email delivery service, two popular options are Brevo and In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the two, so you can make an informed decision and choose the right one for your needs.

  1. Reliability and Deliverability
    One of the primary concerns when selecting an email delivery service is reliability and deliverability. Both Brevo and boast high deliverability rates, ensuring that your emails reach the intended recipients. However, Brevo has gained a reputation for its exceptional delivery rates, achieved through its advanced delivery infrastructure. With Brevo, you can trust that your emails will consistently reach the inbox.

  2. Email Sending Limits
    Another crucial aspect to consider is the email sending limits offered by these services. offers various pricing plans with different sending limits, allowing you to choose a plan that suits your email sending requirements. On the other hand, Brevo offers unlimited email sending for all its users, making it an attractive option for businesses that send a large volume of emails regularly.

  3. Reporting and Analytics
    Understanding how your emails are performing and gaining insights into user engagement is vital for any email marketing campaign. Both Brevo and provide comprehensive reporting and analytics features. Brevo offers advanced analytics tools, allowing you to track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates., on the other hand, provides real-time reporting and tracks important metrics to help you optimize your email campaigns effectively.

  4. Ease of Integration
    Integrating an email delivery service with your existing applications and systems should be a seamless process. Brevo offers a user-friendly API and easy integration with popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Salesforce. also provides an API for integration but may require a bit more technical expertise. Depending on your level of technical proficiency, you may find one service more user-friendly than the other.

  5. Customer Support
    When you encounter technical issues or have questions regarding your email delivery service, reliable customer support is crucial. Brevo offers 24/7 customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone support. also provides customer support but with limited availability during specific hours. Consider your own support requirements and choose the service that best aligns with your needs.

  6. Pricing
    Pricing is often a determining factor when choosing an email delivery service. offers different pricing plans based on your email sending requirements, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Brevo, on the other hand, follows a transparent pricing model with a fixed monthly fee and unlimited sending. Carefully assess your budget and email volume to identify the most cost-effective option for your business.

  7. Additional Features
    Beyond the core functionalities, both Brevo and offer additional features to enhance your email delivery experience. Brevo includes features such as A/B testing, custom email templates, and list segmentation. provides features like email validation, spam detection, and list management. Consider the unique features that align with your specific needs to make a final decision.

In conclusion, both Brevo and are reliable email delivery services that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Brevo stands out for its exceptional delivery rates, unlimited sending, and advanced analytics tools. offers flexible pricing plans, seamless integration, and additional features like spam detection. Assess your requirements, consider the features and pricing, and make an informed decision for your email delivery needs.”

Tina’s Review of Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

Brevo and SMTP2GO are two email marketing solutions that offer different features and pricing options. Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is a customer relationship management (CRM) suite designed for businesses to cultivate long-term customer relationships. It provides marketing and CRM tools such as email, SMS, chat, and marketing automation. SMTP2GO, on the other hand, is a dedicated outbound email server SMTP/Email API provider. It offers reliable and efficient delivery of emails with 24/7 support.

In terms of pricing, Brevo offers a free plan with options to upgrade to different editions and modules. Pricing is based on the number of email messages sent. SMTP2GO has a monthly or annual pricing plan starting at $10.

When it comes to features, Brevo offers a range of email and online marketing tools such as a WYSIWYG email editor, dynamic content, A/B testing, and email deliverability reporting. It also provides reporting and analytics features like dashboards and standard reports. SMTP2GO focuses more on email deliverability and offers features like link tracking.

In terms of user ratings, Brevo has a score of 7.6 out of 10, while SMTP2GO has a score of 9.5 out of 10. Users of Brevo appreciate its ease of use, email templates, and user-friendly interface. SMTP2GO users find its delivery quality better than others and appreciate its ability to deliver normal emails to the general inbox.

In terms of the best alternatives, small businesses can consider Mad Mimi or Twilio SendGrid, while medium-sized companies and enterprises may consider Emma by Marigold or Everest (Return Path + 250ok).

Overall, Brevo and SMTP2GO are both solid choices for email marketing solutions, with Brevo offering more comprehensive CRM features and SMTP2GO focusing more on email deliverability. The best choice depends on the specific needs and priorities of the business.

Steve’s Review of Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is a customer relationship management (CRM) suite designed to cultivate long-term customer relationships and empower businesses to expand in the digital world. Brevo provides businesses with a unified view of the customer journey through intuitive and scalable marketing and CRM tools such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat, marketing automation, meetings, and more. The starting price for Brevo is $0 per month.

SMTP Email Relay Solutions is a transactional email service that was formerly part of SharpSpring but is now a J2 Global company. The starting price for SMTP Email Relay Solutions is $25 per month.

In terms of pricing, Brevo offers different editions and modules, including a free version. Pricing for Brevo ranges from $0 per month for the free edition to a “Contact sales team” option for the Enterprise edition. SMTP Email Relay Solutions offers different pricing offerings, starting at $25 per month for the Essential edition and going up to $500 per month for the Business edition.

According to the community pulse on TrustRadius, some of the top pros of Brevo include its ease of use, email templates, and user-friendliness. On the other hand, some of the cons mentioned include limitations in social media integration, layout options, and the absence of phone support. For SMTP Email Relay Solutions, the top pros mentioned are its email communications, ability to send email, and secure email. The cons mentioned include the lack of a direct way to send mass emails and issues with email sends.

In terms of features, Brevo’s WYSIWYG email editor has a rating of 7.3 out of 10, while SMTP Email Relay Solutions has no ratings for this feature. Other features compared include dynamic content, ability to test dynamic content, landing pages, A/B testing, mobile optimization, email deliverability reporting, list management, and triggered drip sequences.

The best alternatives to Brevo for small businesses include Mad Mimi and Mailchimp Transactional Email (Mandrill), with Mad Mimi receiving a score of 10.0 out of 10 and Mailchimp Transactional Email (Mandrill) receiving a score of 7.6 out of 10. For medium-sized companies, the best alternative is Emma by Marigold, which has a score of 8.5 out of 10. There are no alternatives listed for enterprises.

When it comes to user ratings, Brevo has a likelihood to recommend rating of 7.1 out of 10 and a likelihood to renew rating of 9.6 out of 10. The usability rating for Brevo is 8.9 out of 10. For SMTP Email Relay Solutions, there is only one rating for likelihood to recommend, which is 10.0 out of 10.

Some user testimonials mentioned for Brevo include positive feedback about its ease of use and ability to send emails that don’t end up in spam. For SMTP Email Relay Solutions, users mentioned positive feedback about its ability to send email through a secure gateway and track and scan all email communications.

In summary, Brevo and SMTP Email Relay Solutions are both email marketing solutions with different features, pricing options, and user ratings. Businesses can choose the solution that best fits their needs and requirements.

Rick’s Review of Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

In this blog post, we will compare three popular email providers: Mailgun,, and Brevo (formerly SendinBlue). Choosing the right email provider for your business can be challenging, but by comparing their features, pricing, latency, deliverability, and more, we can help you make an informed decision.

Mailgun is an all-in-one email delivery platform that offers advanced features like suppression management, email validation, and send time optimization. Users find it reliable and efficient for sending transactional emails. However, some users find the initial setup confusing, and there have been reports of aggressive sales tactics. is a comprehensive email solution that provides features like email tracking, reporting, and automation. Users appreciate its reliability and good email deliverability. However, some users find it overpriced compared to other email delivery services, and there may be difficulties sending emails to specific domains.

Brevo (formerly SendinBlue) is a user-friendly email service that offers a range of features including automation, personalization, and landing page creation. It has a free plan and affordable pricing, making it suitable for businesses on a budget. Some users find its pricing structure lacking transparency and flexibility, and there are limited email template design options.

To provide a more comprehensive analysis, we also include real user reviews from G2. Users praise Mailgun for its reliability and deliverability, email verification, integration and customization options, and reporting features. users appreciate its reliability, good email deliverability, customer support, integration capabilities, and analytics. Brevo (formerly SendinBlue) is praised for its ease of use, versatile marketing tools, efficient contact mapping, reasonable pricing, and excellent customer support.

In conclusion, each email provider has its pros and cons, and the best choice for your business depends on your specific needs and priorities. Mailgun is a reliable option for transactional emails, offers good deliverability and customer support, and Brevo (formerly SendinBlue) is user-friendly with versatile marketing tools. By considering these factors and real user experiences, you can make an informed decision on which email provider to choose.

Beth’s Review of Brevo Vs Smtp.Com

As a blog writer, I want to provide you with a detailed summary of the subject at hand, while adhering to all the instructions given. Today, we will be discussing the comparison between two email delivery services: Brevo and In this blog post, we will explore the features, pricing, and support options offered by both services, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing an email delivery provider.

To begin, let’s take a closer look at Brevo. This service boasts excellent email deliverability, ensuring that your messages reach your recipients’ inboxes reliably. With Brevo, you have the option to send email campaigns, transactional emails, or both, depending on your needs. They also offer a user-friendly interface and robust API integration, making it easy to seamlessly integrate their service into your existing workflow.

Brevo’s pricing structure is based on the number of emails sent per month. They offer various pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes. Their plans range from a basic package suitable for small businesses to enterprise-level solutions for larger organizations. It’s worth noting that Brevo does not charge any setup fees, which makes it a cost-effective option for startups or businesses on a budget.

When it comes to support, Brevo provides a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find answers to common questions and troubleshooting guides. Additionally, they offer email support and have a team of experts ready to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter. This level of support ensures that you have the necessary assistance whenever you need it.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Similar to Brevo, offers a reliable email delivery service with high deliverability rates. Their platform allows you to track and analyze your email campaigns, providing valuable insights to optimize your email marketing strategy. With, you can send both transactional and marketing emails, giving you versatility in your email communications.

In terms of pricing, offers three different plans: a basic plan, a professional plan, and an enterprise plan. Each plan has a set number of included emails per month, with the option to purchase additional emails if needed. While’s pricing may be slightly higher compared to Brevo, their robust features and reputation for deliverability make them a popular choice among businesses. takes support seriously, offering a variety of support channels to help their customers. They provide 24/7 email support and have a dedicated support team that is available to address any concerns or issues you may have. Additionally, they have a resourceful knowledge base with articles and tutorials to help you navigate their platform effectively.

When it comes to choosing between Brevo and, several factors should be considered. Firstly, you should assess your specific needs and requirements. Consider the volume of emails you send monthly, as well as the nature of your emails (transactional or marketing). This will help determine which pricing plan and feature set aligns best with your business goals.

Additionally, it’s crucial to factor in the level of support provided by each service. If you anticipate needing extensive support or prefer a more hands-on approach, then a provider like Brevo might be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you require 24/7 support and value a comprehensive knowledge base, would be a great fit.

In conclusion, both Brevo and offer reliable and feature-rich email delivery services. While Brevo may be more budget-friendly, provides additional analytical features and support options. Assessing your business’s unique requirements and priorities will help guide you in selecting the most suitable email delivery service for your needs. Remember, choosing the right provider can greatly impact the success of your email marketing efforts, so take the time to choose wisely.

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