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Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

Nick’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

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SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess are two email delivery services that offer solutions for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their email sending capabilities. These services prioritize effective email delivery, ensuring that messages reach the intended recipients’ inboxes rather than being flagged as spam or ending up in the junk folder.

SMTP2GO is a popular choice for many due to its ease of use and comprehensive features. It allows users to send emails directly through their own servers or via SMTP2GO’s infrastructure, ensuring reliable delivery. Additionally, it offers enhanced deliverability by employing techniques like DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). These authentication methods help to verify the email’s source and improve the overall deliverability rate. SMTP2GO also provides detailed tracking and reporting features, allowing users to monitor the success of their email campaigns and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

On the other hand, EmailSuccess is a robust email delivery solution designed for high-volume senders. It offers advanced features such as load balancing, automatic IP warm-up, and dedicated support to optimize email delivery rates. EmailSuccess utilizes multiple IP addresses and domains, strategically distributing the email traffic to increase deliverability. It also provides comprehensive analytics and reporting, enabling users to assess the performance of their email campaigns and make data-driven decisions to enhance their strategy.

Choosing between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess depends on various factors, including the specific needs of the user. SMTP2GO may be a preferred option for individuals or small businesses looking for a simple and user-friendly solution that offers reliable email delivery. Its cost-effective pricing plans, scalability, and excellent customer support make it a popular choice among users of all levels of technical expertise.

On the other hand, EmailSuccess caters to larger organizations or high-volume senders who require more advanced features and capabilities. Its load balancing and automatic IP warm-up features help optimize email deliverability, especially when sending large volumes of emails.

It’s advised to consider factors such as the volume of emails you plan to send, your budget, desired level of customization, and support requirements when making a decision between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess. It can also be helpful to trial both services or seek recommendations from others who have used the platforms. Ultimately, finding the right email delivery service is critical to ensure the success of your email campaigns and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Tina’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

SMTP2GO is an email delivery service that offers scalability, reliability, and versatility. It provides various features and support options to cater to different email sending needs.

One of the standout features of SMTP2GO is its interactive tool that allows users to compare SMTP services. This tool enables users to easily assess the offerings of different email delivery services and make an informed decision.

SMTP2GO offers a range of features to enhance the email sending process. Bounce tracking helps users keep track of bounced emails, providing insights into delivery issues. Open tracking allows users to know when recipients open their emails, giving them valuable engagement data. One click SSL tracking links ensure secure and encrypted tracking of email links. Reporting features provide users with detailed analytics on email campaigns and performance.

Another noteworthy feature of SMTP2GO is its worldwide servers. These servers enable users to send emails from different geographic locations, improving email delivery rates. The service also offers dedicated IPs, which can further enhance deliverability and reputation.

Email testing is available on SMTP2GO, allowing users to ensure that their emails look and function correctly across different email clients and devices. This feature is especially useful for improving the user experience and avoiding potential issues.

SMTP2GO supports important email authentication protocols like SPF and personalized DKIM. These protocols help verify the authenticity of emails and prevent them from being marked as spam by email filters. The service also offers an API and webhooks for easy integration with other systems and applications.

Integration with popular communication platform Slack is a valuable feature for teams that use the platform for collaboration. SMTP2GO’s Slack integration allows users to receive real-time notifications and updates about their email delivery status directly in their Slack channels.

Unsubscribe automation is another useful feature provided by SMTP2GO. It allows users to automate the unsubscribe process, ensuring compliance with unsubscribe requests and decreasing the chances of being marked as spam.

For WordPress users, SMTP2GO offers a dedicated plugin that allows for easy integration and seamless email sending from WordPress websites.

Archiving is an important feature for compliance and record-keeping purposes. SMTP2GO offers archiving capabilities, ensuring that users can store and retrieve their sent emails when needed.

SMS messaging is also supported by SMTP2GO, providing users with additional ways to reach their audience and communicate important information.

SMTP2GO provides 24/7 support to its users, ensuring assistance is available whenever needed. Support options include toll-free phone support, ticket support, and live chat. This level of support can be vital for businesses that rely heavily on email communication.

The pricing for SMTP2GO offers a free plan for users who have moderate email sending needs. For those with higher email volumes, paid plans are available starting at $79 per month or $948 per year. The service also offers a money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind to users who may be unsure about committing to a paid plan.

SMTP2GO has received positive ratings on G2, a trusted review platform. These ratings reflect the satisfaction of users with the service’s features, performance, and overall value.

In terms of competitors, SMTP2GO compares favorably to other SMTP services. When compared to SendGrid, SMTP2GO offers more worldwide server locations and spam test and screenshot tests for improved deliverability. Turbo SMTP, on the other hand, lacks email testing capabilities and only offers 100 emails per day after 30 days. AuthSMTP,, SparkPost, Elastic Email, Mailgun, Mailchimp Transactional Email, and Postmark also have their own strengths and weaknesses when compared to SMTP2GO.

In conclusion, SMTP2GO is a reliable and versatile email delivery service that offers a range of features and support options. Its interactive comparison tool allows users to easily assess its offerings against its competitors. With its worldwide servers, dedicated IPs, email testing capabilities, and integration options, SMTP2GO provides a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective email sending.

Steve’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

SMTP2GO is a popular option for ensuring the delivery of transactional emails. However, there are alternatives available, such as Twilio SendGrid, that offer competitive pricing and additional features to help grow your email program.

Twilio SendGrid is a trusted email service used by major senders like Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify. It has a strong focus on deliverability, ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients.

One of the advantages of Twilio SendGrid is its team of email experts who can help diagnose deliverability issues and set you up for email success. With over 130 years of collective experience, these experts are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal results.

In addition to transactional emails, Twilio SendGrid offers support for all types of emails, including marketing campaigns. Their Email API and Marketing Campaigns platform allows you to manage all your company’s email in one place, making it convenient for both marketers and developers.

Another key feature of Twilio SendGrid is its email validation capabilities. Before sending emails, you can use their Email Validation API to verify the authenticity of email addresses, reducing bounce rates and improving your sender reputation.

Twilio SendGrid offers proven deliverability with features such as domain authentication, compliance and deliverability coaching, and proactive ISP outreach. These measures ensure that your emails have the best chance of reaching recipients’ inboxes.

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, Twilio SendGrid can handle your important emails. Their platform is capable of delivering over 100 billion emails per month, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

With Twilio SendGrid, you not only get a reliable email service but also have access to their customer success and support teams. These teams are ready to provide you with the information and guidance you need, ensuring that you have the support necessary to achieve your email goals.

With over 80,000 paying customers and the ability to send more than 100 billion emails every month, Twilio SendGrid has proven itself as a trusted and reliable email service.

Overall, if you are searching for an alternative to SMTP2GO, Twilio SendGrid is definitely worth considering. It offers competitive pricing, strong deliverability, email validation capabilities, scalability, and exceptional customer support. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Twilio SendGrid can help you ensure the successful delivery of your transactional and marketing emails.

Rick’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

SMTP2GO vs EmailSuccess: An In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right email deliverability service for your business, there are several factors to consider. In this article, we will compare two popular email deliverability services, SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess, to help you make an informed decision.

Customer Base Comparison

One important aspect to consider when comparing email deliverability services is the size and diversity of their customer bases. Currently, OpenSMPTD has 22 customers, while EmailSuccess has 12 customers. In the Email Deliverability category, OpenSMPTD ranks 18th with 22 customers, while EmailSuccess ranks 22nd with 12 customers.

Market Share Comparison

Another important factor to consider is the market share of each service in the Email Deliverability category. OpenSMPTD currently holds a 0.23% market share, while EmailSuccess holds a 0.13% market share. With a higher market share, OpenSMPTD ranks 18th in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for the Email Deliverability category, while EmailSuccess ranks 22nd.

Geographic Presence

The geographic presence of a service can also be an important factor to consider. OpenSMPTD has a strong presence in the United States, India, and Canada, while EmailSuccess has a larger customer base in the United States. Depending on your target audience and business goals, you may prefer a service with a strong presence in specific countries.

Customer Movements

Unfortunately, there is currently no data available regarding the customer movements of OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess. It’s always helpful to have insights into the buying patterns and trends of a service’s target audience, so this information would have been valuable in making a more comprehensive comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To provide further insights into the comparison between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess, let’s address some frequently asked questions:

  1. What are the different markets in which OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess compete against each other?
    OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess compete against each other in the Email Deliverability and IT Infrastructure Services markets.

  2. How does the market share of OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess compare in the Email Deliverability market?
    In the Email Deliverability market, OpenSMPTD has a market share of 0.23%, while EmailSuccess has a market share of 0.13%. OpenSMPTD ranks higher in terms of market share coverage, holding the 18th spot in 6sense’s Market Share Ranking Index for the Email Deliverability category, while EmailSuccess ranks 22nd.

  3. How many customers do OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess have in the Email Deliverability segment?
    OpenSMPTD has 22 customers in the Email Deliverability segment, while EmailSuccess has 12 customers. OpenSMPTD has 10 more customers than EmailSuccess in this category.

  4. In which countries do OpenSMPTD and EmailSuccess have more customers?
    OpenSMPTD has a larger customer base in countries such as the United States, India, and Canada. On the other hand, EmailSuccess has more customers in the United States, Italy, and France.


While there are some limitations in the available data, this comparison provides a general overview of the differences between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess. It’s important to consider factors such as customer base, market share, geographic presence, and customer movements when selecting the right email deliverability service for your business. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your specific needs, goals, and target audience.

Beth’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess


In today’s digital world, email communication has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. For businesses, ensuring the smooth and reliable delivery of emails is crucial to maintaining good customer relationships and efficient operations. This is where email delivery platforms like SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess come into play. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast these two popular email delivery services to help you make an informed decision for your business.


SMTP2GO is a cloud-based professional email delivery service that eliminates the hassle of setting up and managing your own email infrastructure. It offers a user-friendly interface and features robust deliverability, scalability, and reliability. With SMTP2GO, you can easily send transactional and bulk emails without worrying about technical complexities.

One key advantage of SMTP2GO is its comprehensive reporting and analysis tools. It provides real-time insights into the success and failure rates of your email campaigns, allowing you to monitor and optimize your email delivery performance. Additionally, SMTP2GO offers a unique feature called “Geo Tracking,” which tracks the geographic location of email opens and clicks, giving you valuable information about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across different regions.

Another notable feature of SMTP2GO is its extensive SMTP API documentation and integration options. Whether you are a developer looking to integrate SMTP functionality into your application or a business using popular platforms like WordPress or Magento, SMTP2GO has easy-to-use plugins and documentation to simplify the integration process.


EmailSuccess, on the other hand, is a powerful on-premises email delivery solution designed for businesses with high-volume email requirements. It offers a robust and flexible infrastructure that allows for advanced customization and control over your email delivery process. With EmailSuccess, you have complete ownership and control of your email infrastructure, which can be desirable for businesses with specific security and compliance requirements.

One of the standout features of EmailSuccess is its advanced routing capabilities. It allows you to create complex routing rules based on various conditions, such as sender, recipient, content, and more. This flexibility enables you to segment and prioritize emails based on your business needs, ensuring that critical communications reach their intended recipients without delay.

EmailSuccess also boasts strong bounce handling and delivery monitoring capabilities. It provides in-depth bounce analysis, categorizing bounces into different types and providing actionable insights to help you improve your email deliverability. Additionally, it offers real-time delivery monitoring, allowing you to track the status of your emails and gain insights into their journey.

Comparison: SMTP2GO vs EmailSuccess

While both SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess offer reliable email delivery solutions, there are key differences to consider when choosing the right platform for your business.

Firstly, the deployment model distinguishes these two services. SMTP2GO is a cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, whereas EmailSuccess is an on-premises solution, requiring installation and maintenance on your own servers. The choice between the two depends on your business’s infrastructure preferences and security requirements.

Secondly, pricing structures differ between the two platforms. SMTP2GO offers a competitive pay-as-you-go option, allowing you to scale your email volume and costs based on your needs. This can be appealing for businesses with fluctuating email demands. On the other hand, EmailSuccess follows a more traditional licensing model, which may be more suitable for larger organizations with predictable email volumes.

Furthermore, SMTP2GO’s intuitive user interface and user-friendly features make it a popular choice for businesses seeking a hassle-free email delivery experience. Its comprehensive reporting, analytics, and integrated plugins streamline the process, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

On the contrary, EmailSuccess’s strength lies in its advanced customization options and routing capabilities. If your business requires granular control over email routing rules or has specific compliance needs, EmailSuccess provides the flexibility and control to meet those requirements.

Ultimately, the choice between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess depends on your business’s unique needs and preferences. Factors such as deployment model, pricing structure, ease of use, customization options, and security considerations should all be taken into account when making a decision.

In conclusion, SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess are both reliable email delivery platforms offering different strengths and deployment models. Whether you opt for the cloud-based convenience of SMTP2GO or the customizable control of EmailSuccess, both platforms aim to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of your business emails. Evaluate your specific requirements, consider key factors, and choose the platform that best aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Jim’s Review of Smtp2Go Vs Emailsuccess

In this blog post, we will be comparing two email deliverability platforms, SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess. Both platforms offer solutions to improve email deliverability and ensure that your emails reach the inbox of your recipients.

When it comes to comparing these two platforms, one of the important factors to consider is their customer base. According to the data provided, SMTP2GO has 108 customers, while EmailSuccess has 12 customers. This indicates that SMTP2GO has a larger customer base and is more widely used in the industry.

In terms of market share, SMTP2GO has a 1.15% market share in the Email Deliverability category, while EmailSuccess has a 0.13% market share. While both platforms have a presence in the market, SMTP2GO has a slightly higher market share.

Looking at the geographic distribution of their customers, SMTP2GO has more customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and France, while EmailSuccess has more customers in the United States. This information can be useful if you specifically target customers in these countries and want to choose a platform that has a stronger presence in those regions.

Now let’s delve into the categories where SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess compete. Both platforms offer solutions in the following categories: Email Deliverability, Email Management, Email Security, and IT Infrastructure Services. This means that they have similar offerings and can be considered as direct competitors in these areas.

To summarize, when comparing SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess, some key points to consider are their customer base, market share, and geographic distribution of customers. SMTP2GO has a larger customer base and a higher market share in the Email Deliverability category. However, EmailSuccess has a strong presence in the United States. Both platforms offer solutions in the same categories, making them direct competitors in the industry.

Ultimately, the choice between SMTP2GO and EmailSuccess will depend on your specific needs and requirements. It’s important to evaluate their features and capabilities, and possibly even try out their services through a trial period, before making a decision.

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